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  1. PorkyBear

    The Blue Horse

    Looks like Star Wars related event. At least judging from the two chests (dark and light)
  2. PorkyBear

    Login Issues

    Fairbanks players of the world unite! LOL! It is not important when you get in it will sync to the current time so it will be like it was running!
  3. PorkyBear

    Login Issues

    Fairbanks is dead as well!
  4. PorkyBear

    International Fort Battles Championship Entries

    Player name: GeorgeWJr World: Fairbank Level: 81 Class: Soldier Profession: Field Cook Health Points: 3000-4000 Are you skilled for Fort Battles: No, will reskill in the event world! Online/Offline: Both Leader/Entrant: Entrant
  5. PorkyBear

    Some robberies and railway

    Johnny Congrats on presentation. On the trains I would extend your Idea to: Building the Train stations to be a one time event but afterwards with time the station will need repairs and the lines as well. The first build the server will share some bonds but the next repair it will share game...
  6. PorkyBear

    Forge the Lantern

    write [item=2734000] in the game and you will have the confirmation!
  7. PorkyBear

    Fort Fight Multi Battles - Stop!

    The Lock you ask makes sense only in the town fashion so "A town has a cool down of 3 hours between digs they make or others can make in forts they own". Now Alliances well if they want to do a multi they should be able to but always not attacking the forts where the same town is owner.
  8. PorkyBear

    Products to Complete a Quest Step

    Or we could put a UP Shop Item with the name "Win The Game"! Actually those quests are there for people to be playing with them. The only thing is the time zone and there we might discuss the idea of making the quest times personal but that opens a new problem "Open Proxies". So I miss the time...
  9. PorkyBear

    Usable products

    Most of this products exist in the game but they are dropable from the Fair. I strongly doubt inno will change all the products in the game to be usable!
  10. PorkyBear

    Get People back to Fort Fighting

    Well than what about changing the dynamics of a FF, with or without touching the current skill system. Difference: 1. make the FF screening like the advetures maybe a littlebit smaller but 3D. 2. allow builders of the attacking side to build barricades/cannons/etc, in the 24 hours of the...
  11. PorkyBear

    Get People back to Fort Fighting

    Well many of us are waiting for the damn bear :P. Anyway I proposed this idea as to be as minor change as possible and to presever some equilibrium, by considering that inno was giving chests before worth today 175 bonds.
  12. PorkyBear

    Christmass event

    Question: There are rumors that in the red pack the Declaration of Independence can be found, is that true? By that logic are there possibilities that in the blue one we can find the summer items like the soccer or post summer items? Thanks in Advance Aldo
  13. PorkyBear

    WINTER time now and SNOWBALL WAR

    yes this might be good! Actually the system is already there!
  14. PorkyBear

    WINTER time now and SNOWBALL WAR

    How is using nuggets cheating? But anyway I don't think this is feasable! The devs are yet working on the bear MPI so they will take time to work on a new MPI as well!
  15. PorkyBear

    Make all Outlaw set pieces auctionable

    Actually the players that have already multiples can be levied of them automatically and given the equal no of chests. While in the future if the opening of the chest gives the same thing the system gives you another chest that asks you to open it using veteran points/bonds/nuggets! This seems...
  16. PorkyBear

    Get People back to Fort Fighting

    Yes, yes my thoughts exactly the figures are just an example. They would have to depend on the number of the players that will get selected and are total per battle. As I explained my idea is not to pass more or less than 100-200 for randomly selected player (when the battle is full, if not...
  17. PorkyBear

    Activateable Crafting Weapons

    Right those 123 Hodwahs are OK to you :P. Some improvement is required obviously! There is a problem though! The worlds are filled with these items bought for 15k - 50 k at most. The best option would be to go on with crafting and at some further point say 1000 cp you can make these better. And...
  18. PorkyBear

    Get People back to Fort Fighting

    Proposal The idea is to make people come to fort battles, even if they risk to get KO, by changing the FF dynamics and augmenting to the current bonus bonds given. Current Workaround Whispering to 100 players and none of them giving a damn about fort fighting. Details (got some great ideas...
  19. PorkyBear

    Make all Outlaw set pieces auctionable

    That would be good but as well inno might require bonds or nuggets to do so!
  20. PorkyBear

    New avatar generator based game items

    Well you all threw this out of the window but you all forgot one thing! The yellow point of yourself in the map was changed in 2.0 by a guy who walks or rides a horse depending on what he is using! What I'm pointing here is not something needed for new features but to give the gane that western...