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  1. New world

    Yeahhh, not a terribly huge fan of chrome, I'll just wait, if you guys want my nuggets then make this Firefox friendly.
  2. New world

    I can't log into this new world it shows up in the list but just crashes everytime I try, can anyone else?
  3. New world

    Wow coming back after 2 years to a brand new world, timing.
  4. Incomplete map building and refresh

    Now I can't log in at all, was working 4 hours ago now nothing, everything else on the net still seems to work just not this.
  5. Think Quick!

    All gone.
  6. Think Quick!

    Well that truly sucked.
  7. Think Quick!

    Who the heck is getting these and in 2 seconds somehow getting it redeemed? I can't copy and paste that damned fast.
  8. Think Quick!

    be quick
  9. Think Quick!

    Kind of agree with Ryker there.
  10. Think Quick!

    these are all gone in 3 seconds
  11. Think Quick!

    well that didn't last long
  12. Think Quick!

    Yeah wouldn't that be nice.
  13. Welcome

    Ah quick question, just started in Dakota and there is no greenhorn quest line showing up see people running around with the equipment so is that supposed to be the case or is my thing buggy?
  14. Motivation Error.

    Something that has turned up recently and seems to be in Colorado but might have something to do with one of the updates and its this: Whenever you do a job the reward you get in exp and cash is whatever the end motivation is not the start motivation. So if you do a job for 1 hour then you get...
  15. Solutions to crafting

    Well the one which can make cigarettes is most definitely useful and I know that's not the blacksmith. but I do think the system needs a little overhaul. either as the first guy said you make it so you can get more items per craft or you simply up the drop chance of said resources in the job by...
  16. W-15 / Colorado not loading - once again!

    yeah its down for me too. Sure they are working on it.
  17. Premium Sms Payment (Mopay)

    And yes there is another thread like this but its 4 years old completely different problem.
  18. Premium Sms Payment (Mopay)

    Problem with this service is that it asks me for the number, then I put it in then it starts asking me for an 'enter the code below' which I do and then it just keeps repeating the 'enter the code below' with a new code. I sent a message to support but they appear to be ultra busy. Just...
  19. Crafting

    We are in agreement on this one, I still think crafting is a great idea but for crying out loud why do you have to make simple recipes require things that have a 4% item drop rate in a job? Really really pointless and irritating devs, unless the plan is to try and make people buy nuggets I...
  20. Achievement awards are moronic

    I have to agree with the annoying and moronic part, we have a gigantic bunch of generic achievements that would be great if they actually did something, like you complete and achievement branch in trading and it ups your trading skill. Medals were nice you could show a few off and it was...