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  1. The ghost town (Duel III) Shoot El Capitano

    In-game name: TSMan Affected worlds: 2 Browser: Mozilla FireFox Type of Bug: Quest NPC Duel Job Quest: The ghost town (Duel III) Shoot El Capitano Duel: NPC duel: TSMan vs. El Capitano Fort Chat Market Connection Other Description: I dueled El Capitano 3 times and the quest...
  2. Quest "Meeting Mr Brown"

    OK I live in the Central time zone according to my calculations "he shows up there every night at (Game time) 19:00 (12am Central) to the minute. After dinner he drinks a bottle of whiskey and by (Game time)21:00 (2pm Central) he's usually completely hammered. At around(Game time) 23:00 (4pm...
  3. Amarillo

    Needed Citizens!!!! Any lvl any Skill!!!!