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  1. Kill lorne bannister,medicine man

    I honestly think the fight with Lorne Bannister has changed. I have tried him 3 times in a row, and although I haven't killed him yet, I always attack with a melee weapon and he defends with a gun! Whether I aim purely at his head or his hands, he aims head, right hand, head, right shoulder...
  2. Limit Times Between Fort Fights

    Your idea is sound, but it is so totally abusable: imagine a big world-dominating alliance splits into several small alliances purely to dig multiple fort battles! I find it is good fun to occasionally have multiple fort battles. If it's happening every day, it can get tedious, but up to once...
  3. [Question] Has the Gallant Horse been released yet?

    Unfortunately, the Soap Opera questline was cancelled "for copyright reasons" about a month ago. I never saw any of the quests :(
  4. Resolved Construction question

    As an old player, but new builder, I searched out this thread to find the link to the build calculator. Reading the posts above, it crossed my mind that it would be very easy to double your construction skill points without increasing your actual labour points if the building job you were...
  5. Resolved Heavy labor (Dig your own grave)

    Aha that would explain it. Give me a few days and I'll check ;)
  6. Resolved Heavy labor (Dig your own grave)

    Well, now... I haven't done any of these quests for a long time...... but.... I recently started a new character in Briscoe and spent ages fishing. Finally got a fishing rod (only took about 30 hrs fishing so nowhere near as bad as in w12 :P) but no quest from Henry :o Have the rules...
  7. 1.28 quests

    Who ever said you should equip it in the first place? :blink:
  8. 1.28 quests

    To see details of any quest copy the following into the address bar of your browser, replace the variable "i" with the quest's id, and press enter:'quest',{quest_id:i},i); Quest id's for this series start at 480.
  9. GC/MC Disbanding

    I understand peoples worrying about these rules being a bit too prescriptive. However, think a month down the line. The NEW allilances will need that time to get to know each other, and a few forts will have changed hands, making choice of alliance a whole new question. Many players will move...
  10. Newest Update

    Do you lose the precise pepperbox revolver? And if you do, is the cash enough to buy a new one?!? :rolleyes:
  11. Newest Update

    The daily XP bonus surprised me! I had 2 players (w10 & w12) doing low value jobs to avoid levelling up while I had a meeting. When I got back, and logged in again, they had both levelled up :p Billy the Blind Eagle quest: Is there a thread about this somewhere? I can't tell whether I'm meant...
  12. The ghost town (It's easier to talk without weapons)

    Well I have to say that I took a whole day walking back to my town doing the printing newspapers job as I went. This was because I couldn't do Fire Fighter at the time. This must be the first quest I've heard of where you have to be at the right location before it appears :ohmy: I assumed that...
  13. how to get golden indian necklace? not sold in town yet sold in others?

    I was planning what items to buy recently, and worked out that if I got the golden indian necklace, I'd be able to hunt coyotes and almost buffalo too. But all I get for that is another golden necklace :blink: I'm level 40 adventurer/trader, so not good at hunting :sad: I'll just wait till I...
  14. Black mountains-the treasure hunt begins

    Nice one Kinetic. I've lost to him twice, and decided to go sleep for a while cos he hit me for 243 the second time :huh: Does anyone know what kind of weapon Jacob uses? I can usually hit him, and dodge most of his hits, but would like to know whether I'm better raising my toughness or...
  15. Little Things

    Can I just reiterate my question... What I mean is, the easter quest is only available at easter. The xmas quiz at xmas. When is the firewood quest available? I haven't seen it yet. More to the point, I have yet to see any explanation of when/why I might ever see it!
  16. Little Things

    Sorry I may be a bit too new to this, but where does it say what the requirements for "Fire wood" are? :unsure: More to the point what the hell are they? :mad:
  17. Resolved lb points and clothes

    Thanks guys you're so good to me :laugh:
  18. Resolved lb points and clothes

    Exactly when do the clothes you are wearing alter the money return value? Believing that clothes can improve cash returns, I always change clothes to the best for the job when choosing to do the job. Then I change them back to whatever they were before. Then when I've finished a job and am...
  19. Gui-Kate

    According to the requirement to get the "Love Note" from Maya is level 16. I'm only level 12 and I've already taken it to Gui Kate. What's going on there? Is the stats page wrong, or is it a bug?!? (btw I'm in w10, but there was no other thread...