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  1. NPC Duels

    Did not see another thread like this so if there is one, sorry. Logged in tonight and was planning to go do some dueling in world 11. The thing is everywhere I look I see duel not possible for 48 hours which means I have been ko'd I know. The only problem with that is I have not been ko'd by any...
  2. Two knock outs in an hour and twenty three minutes against same player.

    Anyone have this happen before or know why it happened? I dueled this player and the player passed out. To my surprise I looked and saw the player was still able to be dueled, no duel not possible for 48 hours this time. I decided to try it again, the player passed again and finally I can see...
  3. Homestead for non duelers.

    Forgive me if this idea has already been posted. Here is my idea anyway. Instead of making changes to the dueling aspect of the game and to help keep all non duelers safe we could create homesteads. The homesteads would be kind of like towns except no one can be dueled while in a homestead. You...
  4. What does it mean?

    What does it mean when you see the word (Banned )next to a player's name?
  5. The watchmen chat

    THE WATCHMEN are now recruiting! Calling all active players. THE WATCHMEN world 6 want you!