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  1. International Fort Battle Championship! Discussion

    i agree with Anny on that matter...and as i suspected and Musa explained the ppl were picked not by "Inno ppl" but among "casts" on every to speak "personal like/dislike" also Anny said...just my 2 cents on this matter...and one more thing and then am over with this...
  2. International Fort Battle Championship! Discussion

    looking on list of "selected" i c some good FF, to be honest...but on other hand as CBenny mentioned as i c all the mods etc. in the list and because i know a bit about background of some players and their relations, i can see a pattern of "favorites" who where selected at least with a strong...
  3. International Fort Battles Championship Entries

    Player name:ZiMt World: Dakota Level:131 Class:Soldier Profession:Blacksmith Health Points:14500 Are you skilled for Fort Battles:Yes Online/Offline:Online Leader/Entrant:Entrant If Leader, do you have Skype and willing to use it:No
  4. Fort Battle Digging

    u have my vote on is soft cap Elmyr...but money (cost) on "old" worlds dont mean so much anymore...
  5. Riding Animals And Sets

    very nice idea, Belle..:cool:
  6. Who's Best Fort Fighter In Briscoe

    :D..its like this...and this is made out of testing...all skills should be splitted on almost same splits..example.. - 100 leadership - 75 dodging - 75 aim - 75 stamina - 75 hiding and then all other skill points into HP..u should have around 4000HP..that are "pure" skill points...all other u...
  7. Passed Named Fort Guns it...give me that Anns Winchester..;)