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  1. Fireworks Event

    OK my mistake, I was expecting to see it on the event screen not at the top where money bonds and nuggets displayed.
  2. Fireworks Event

    I cannot see how many rockets I have received, is that part of the same bug or am I not clicking in the right places?
  3. How do I. .

    Click on the SHOP button at bottom of your screen then click on what looks like a timepiece on top right tab. That will take you to the place to buy premium bonuses. If you are set up for a repeat buy there will be a little tag on the box of the bonuses it is set up for. Just click on it and it...
  4. The Shooter (Fate of the Cunninghams)

    Have you read this thread it may help, lots of hints on "the stranger" in it.
  5. Materials needed for Fort

    I found this by searching the forum it should help.
  6. Easter Event

    Yep, game play has been completely changed. Any worthwhile gear on the market is at very expensive levels but mostly no longer being sold as people just upgrade their spares. So to get anything worthwhile means the event tombolas are the only source now and unlikely to get a complete set without...
  7. Upgraded items flop?

    Maybe INNO should have a review of how they gather information regarding changes to the game. When carrying out a survey it is fairly well accepted to get the best picture you have to ask the right questions to the right people otherwise you end up with biased information. Also ask yourself what...
  8. Remove upgradeable set/event items

    I would like somebody from INNO to come on here and explain their rationale for this latest change. What is it that they are hoping to achieve by it?, what impact they believe it will have on the majority of active players? and where they think it will put the game and players in a years time...
  9. Update 2.20

    Thanks Rick for the above. I am now more hopeful that the sudden scarcity and sky high prices of most set items will be reversed. Maybe INNO would find some time spent making the town shop items and the Shop items more relevant to the game a better path to help the game.
  10. New World Name Suggestions!

    Flagstaff (Iceman already suggested this before me and somebody else has suggested later in the thread, so some support for this going forward to the vote) Fentura Fabled Fortune
  11. QID 51x "It smells like a treasure"

    Maybe try 32 x 15sec first or after doing a couple of 1hr jobs. I sometimes get the impression a certain amount of quantity in doing the required job is more important than time or a combination of both. I am sure those that have studied this concept in a more scientific way will be able to add...
  12. Thunder and Lightning

    Thanks Micky12. I shall have to accept they will never be mine.
  13. Thunder and Lightning

    Are the Thunder and Lightning set items still available? They are marked as being Tradeable so if still available what chance of finding them for sale in the shops? As they don't have a value I suspect they are a quest reward.
  14. Adventures discussion and feedback

    Please separate it so anything won cannot be used anywhere else apart from on the Adventurers game. If people want a distraction whilst waiting for jobs etc to be finished great but don't graft on something not in keeping with the usual activities of The West. Big danger of diluting what The...
  15. Alliances & Fort Fighting

    Thanks for that I have been moving around in the SE and have not yet come across Epic or Sleepy and no sign of alliances such as IV, The Cartel, Independent or The Unknown being allied with one or the other of the big ones. Maybe I have been looking in the wrong places. Do the FF's usually...
  16. Alliances & Fort Fighting

    Hi I am new to El Dorado and was hoping people could give me an unbiased idea of how this world divides up with alliances and where fort fighting has got to. On other worlds it seems to end up with just two alliances fighting over the forts as everybody else gets squeezed out. On here there...
  17. KO'd recntley but dueled

    Thanks for the quick reply. I guess the best lessons come expensive. Been living on borrowed time and never knew, so in some ways got off lightly. Thanks I shall enjoy my recovery sleep.
  18. KO'd recntley but dueled

    First I am not complaining about anybody dueling me. I thought if you had been KO'd you could not be dueled for 48hrs. I have KO'd from Fort Fights at least every 2 days since weekend. I was KO'd last night and KO'd again today midday. Yet I have been dueled by 2 different people in quick...
  19. Repeatable Quests

    Thanks, all makes sense now and to think they let me carry a gun and ride a horse!!
  20. Repeatable Quests

    That explains it, thanks, but I don't understand the "you have to wait 24hr before completing" message that I receive with the repeatable quests!?