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  1. Construction

    Wow, an achievement for accumulating 1 million construction points. Boy do I have a lot of building to do. :) At least that is my best translation, as the text is in German, and my German language skills are a bit rusty.
  2. Incorrect Tool Tip

    The tool tip message for the town button at the bottom of the screen ( three spots to the left of the Shop button ) is now incorrect. When placing the cursor over the Town button the tool tip reads "Will be unlocked at level 10". I'm level 107 so well past that point. Just started today, so...
  3. Woolly Hats

    I'm not sure if this really qualifies as a bug, but looking through the items I notice that the Red and Yellow Woolly Hats have exactly the same stats: +6 Swimming, +5 Appearance, Sell $390, Buy $195, Level 10 Maybe this was the case before the update, I can't remember, just found it a...
  4. New Item Prices

    I see DaTwista posted that a new update is coming out today where they are adjusting item prices, and that they are planning some future changes to rebalance the item costs. Does anyone know if there is a place they have/are posting what prices are changing? p.s. Looking for what changed, not...
  5. Specialist Questlines

    3 new specialist questlines From level fifty, three new questlines will become available for specialists in trading, fort battles and duels. I know I am probably reading too much into the term 'specialists' but do we have to choose one of these three options to complete, or can we complete...
  6. Independence Day Event

    From the announcement. "The event is one of the 4 big monetization events we have this year." monetize = to coin into money. Webster Dictionary. Unless you are a government, you could get into all sorts of trouble doing that. :P
  7. Today's Update - May 29, 2013

    Is there any list of the changes made during the update today? So far the only thing I have noticed is that the daily quests for the Ghost Town and Indian Village can no longer be accepted from the Saloon and must be accepted at those locations.
  8. Version 2.04 Quest Levels

    Anybody have a link to the new level requirements for quests? I'm wondering when my level 78 adventurer may see a new quest line open up as I don't have any to work on since the change. Before the change I was working on The Raid ( L67 ) and The Treasure - The Other Tribes ( L75 ), all other...
  9. Holiday Quests - Easter Achievements

    Does anyone know if it will be possible to earn the two achievements under holiday quests for Easter this year. From looking at the achievements under the achievement tab they both appear to require the finishing of the "The Last Egg" quest. From what I can tell from looking around this quest...
  10. Who is Big Fred.

    So who is Big Fred supposed to be? I can figure the others from their appearance and names from western movies. Van Cliff - Lee Van Cleef Brinson - Charles Bronson Westwood - Clint Eastwood
  11. No Bonds For Daily / Weekly Tasks

    Well, it is 2 hours into the new day and I have not received the usual e-mail or any bonds for meeting my daily goals yesterday or the weekly goals for last week. I had a green check mark for the daily tasks for all 7 days last week. Just curious if this has ever happened to anyone else.