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  1. the legendary golden sabre quest line

    Ok because of this questline i've deleted ALL my accounts and you'll never see me again ! Have fun giving privilegies to range duelers ! Why do us who preffer mele dueling do same quests as ranged duelers has to + get ****load of resources (50 gold dust, 100 coal 50 iron) to compete evenly with...
  2. Smoking guns PVP Championship

    Will XP bonus be add to duel xp too, or just basic xp ?
  3. No Dueling Server(Casual Play)

    njeah ... but i'd LOVE to see non tombolas/sales server ! But to play it, you must have VIP bougt for example, once your vip expires you can't login to server until you purchase it again.
  4. Malachite revolver

    Hello, it's said we'll get malachite revolver as souvenir if we participated in speed server, i wonder where should i look to find it ? Thank You, l00nat33k
  5. New World - Idaho

    Well what good is new server, when there'll be tombola 14 days after start, and everyone will have gear with +200 LAbor points, 50% improved luck ... all will have same duel set and ff set ... real fun yeeeeh ... Fun would be if there wasn't tombola or sale for 1 year on new server ... maybe...
  6. Adventure doesn't start !

    Hello, When trying to play adventure it says that it could not be started ! I'm just doing tasks for shiny golden colt so need it ! Also every FAILED start took 1 use from my wild west chily ! I want that back on count 5 where it was before i started this adventure fails. It came down to 1...