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  1. Magnadine

    Single Tobacco from Field Cook's bag

    Just won a Field Cook's bag from the Travelling Fair. When I opened the bag it dropped a single Tobacco :no: The description of the Field Cook bag says: "A bag with different products for the field cook. The number of items you get may vary." The way I interpret it the bag should drop at least 2...
  2. Magnadine

    Innogames TV april episode

    April's episode of Innogames TV is released. It contains a bit of info about event FF's in the middle of the map.
  3. Magnadine

    Black Friday items ignored by job calculator

    Affected worlds: All Browser: Waterfox, IE 11 and most likely other browsers as well Type of Bug: in-game 'Work Clothes' calculator Description: The in-game 'Work Clothes' calculator is ignoring the 3 Black Friday items when calculating the best clothes for a job. This (greatly) reduces the...
  4. Magnadine

    Independance Day event

    Got a question about the independance Day event. Will there be a timer to indicate when the event ends?
  5. Magnadine

    Signposts bugged

    After today's ninja update I can't use signposts to travel to a location. Anyone else is experiencing this bug?
  6. Magnadine

    The West down?

    Is down at the moment? I can't seem to connect with the website and have tried Firefox, IE and Safari. The Dutch version loads without problems. Anyone else having problems?
  7. Magnadine

    The Rightful Owner II (Wasteland)

    I'm stuck with one of "The Rightful Owner II" quests because I can't find a questgiver. I have completed several of these quests and was able to find all the previous questgivers using TW-db. But after I completed the quest with the ID 678 there wasn't any new questgiver on the map. The...