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  1. The Plan - Weekly draw rules and discussion

    I once put in a support ticket for an item that I really wanted ... Please tell me I can win it by entering this draw? :) Here is the support conversation for your amusement ... oldskoolturbo 2010-05-26 17:40:40 I was just wondering where I can find a pink ballet tutu? I just cant find one...
  2. Bell's End - Recuiting

    See Elmyr ... She wants to know when you are coming :D lol
  3. Bell's End - Recuiting

    Hi Elmyr :) How's you doing matey? Yup it is Takenya= Oldskools Mrs :P We're back :rolleyes: You are more than welcome to come along and join us matey ;) I'm sure She could find a place to fit you in :D lol
  4. Bell's End - Recuiting

    Oldskoolturbo and Takenya are proud to announce their comeback tour for v2 :) We have limited space available in the town of Bells End for active players of any class (though priority will be given to pure builders and experienced duellers) Message me in game for an invite telling me why you...
  5. Maya's Easter Egg Quests

    Can't Da Twista just wave his magic wand? :laugh: ps. All the bugs etc was one of the reasons I quit the game, Now with this latest I have to put up with "Mrs" moaning about having to hang around the East Point, buffs, travel, moan moan .... PLEASE PLEASE fix asap ... She is pregnant and...
  6. Dueling

    First Ruffian Medal I do believe i have the First Ruffian Medal in Arizona .... and before someone says something, yes i did duel workers to get it ... and adventurers, and soldiers, and duelers, and greenhorns
  7. Speed World

    I agree this world is very fast ... within about half an hour of our towns mortician going up i had hate mail from a builder who i hit :D hahaha
  8. Town Recruiting

    Bump - Residences up now again so more space for you people to join, with some fantastic items in our shops too. Message myself or tidystuff ingame for an invite.
  9. Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas to all in world 9 and all playing the west. Enjoy your time with family and friends and I wish you all good tidings. Hope Father Christmas brings you plenty of fantastic gifts. At this time of year we all remember Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and...
  10. Town Recruiting

    Yeah world 9 it is :)
  11. Town Recruiting

    Still room for all those wishing to join, town is really moving on now so come join us while you still can
  12. Town Recruiting

    Bump - Residences upgraded so we have even more room
  13. Help Needed? Game ethics

    I have heard many of you talking about the basic ethics of not attacking builders or those within towns without a morticians, yet we have come under attack from a member of one of the Chisox group, even tho we have only just started our town Any help or offers of alliance would be greatfully...
  14. Town Recruiting

    Hello everyone, The town of "Bells End" is recruiting. If you want to build, not just a town, but a way of life, then join us at Bells End. The town of "Bells End" is a quaint and quiet rural village, set in the south west, with beautiful views across the wild plains, and is sister town to...