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  1. runeneo

    Bank Interest

    The banks in towns should pay interest on the money you hold in them, the higher level the bank the more interest it pays. To make it reasonable maybe put it to about 1% per day on the minimum amount of money that has been in the bank that day. For example: A player starts the day with $400 in...
  2. runeneo

    Write a song!

    The idea of this game is to create a song, the rules: 1) You MUST put one sentence, no more. 2) Try to make it rhyme! Lets make the longest song in history, changing subject as much as you like! I will start: Every day, in every way I'm looking out for you...
  3. runeneo

    Inventory Searcher

    I am often faced with the problem of searching every item in my inventory to find something with a skill bonus that lets me do a job, this may not be a problem for people who sell there items immediately after finding them. Anyway, I recon there should be a way of searching your inventory for a...
  4. runeneo

    Pet Ages

    I noticed that pets always stick to the same speed (e.g Donkey = 25%) Maybe pets could have levels or age.. of which the higher they are the faster they go, but when they get to a certain age they start to slow down again and die / disappear at another age. Age would be gained from the time you...
  5. runeneo

    The Person Above

    The idea of the game is to say something about the person above you, so I will start off. The person above me does not exist :)
  6. runeneo

    Weapon Level Bug

    I noticed this person that attacked me was level 38 with a level 43 weapon, he is a soldier so he should be allowed to wield level 41 weapons only.