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  1. Magnadine

    Happy Birthday America

    Had my fair share of Brexit fun with my Anglo friends this week. Gotta show some support to them, so on behalf of my friends in the UK:
  2. Magnadine

    Zoo Animals

    *cough* Farmville *cough*
  3. Magnadine

    April Fools?

    His comment did make me chuckle. Of all the things that are complain worthy in this game he just had to pick this to complain about. :D
  4. Magnadine

    New world

    Nice calculation, but you get the log in nuggets only once per account every 5 days. Because only 1 world gets the nuggets and the rest get bonds instead. So a player with a single world gets annually as many nuggets as a player with multiple worlds. The only way to get the free nuggets on...
  5. Magnadine

    2016 Easter event gear

    According to a post from KnockKnockJoke in the German forum the update has been postponed and is rescheduled for monday (may 2nd).
  6. Magnadine

    Investigating Problems since updating Google Chrome

    Having similar problems with Chrome as well after it was updated to version 50.0.2661.87 m (64-bit). When the loading screens freezes I keep refreshing it until it fully loads. Usually it takes several refreshes for it to load.
  7. Magnadine

    Confirmed Finding Mr Easter Bunny ~ No Crcked Egg

    In the German forum there is a hotfix announcement. This hotfix supposedly fixed the issues with the Finding Mr Easter Bunny questline. Can't confirm yet whether this hotfix was applied to our servers as well.
  8. Magnadine

    2016 Easter event gear

    My educated guess would be that they will become upgradeable at the same time as they become auctionable :P
  9. Magnadine


    Racism is discrimination based on skin color. So this statement is correct. There still might be discrimination involved, but that would be religious discrimination.
  10. Magnadine

    Fort Fight Skill Changes

    You didn't miss the boat. There isn't an official announcement here in the forum yet, because right now the changes are being tested & discussed on the beta servers. If you want to see the changes (which might still be changed before reaching the regular servers) then check out...
  11. Magnadine

    Fort Fight Skill Changes

    For now it's better to discuss FF'ing changes in the beta forum. You can post in this thread:
  12. Magnadine

    Lead a trade office job

    Juan set provides a huge bonus to LaTO. My max luck increased to $12,676 and the only premium item in my best gear is the Summer pants. Besides the pants I use Desmond scarf lvl 3, Desmond shirt lvl 2, Juan's hat, Juan's belt, Juan's revolver, Juan's rifle, Golden Eagle, Rowe's boots & Parade...
  13. Magnadine

    New Work Clothing

    The calculator doesn't use the 'pickaxes' in the calculation for best gear. The in-game clothing calculator does include Juan's gear for me. It's actually a very good set for various high end jobs. But for me it's hard to find out if the calculator indeed suggests the most optimal LP gear...
  14. Magnadine

    600 level recipe 7 day limit too restrictive

    It costs 100 nuggets/bonds to buy. But those products drop from specific jobs as well. So it isn't necessary to buy them. Regarding the proposed change I favor keeping the 7 day limit. I can't think of a good reason to remove it. At crafting level 600 you are able to use all possible recipes...
  15. Magnadine

    Confirmed Gone with the Valentine's Day - BUG

    Not sure about others, but the latest bug fix allowed me to finally finish the questline :)
  16. Magnadine

    Confirmed Gone with the Valentine's Day - BUG

    My soldier in Arizona is stuck in the repeatable questline, but my worker in W12 doesn't have problems with it.
  17. Magnadine

    Dropping the flower bouquets

    Oh it was a bug? There are so many bugs around when it comes to repeatable holiday quests that it is hard to tell what is a bug and what is an actual game design. Glad to hear that Inno fixed it. Fortunately it only took Inno 3 or 4 years to fix it :P
  18. Magnadine

    Not a bug Valentine's Bugs?

    Just checked the German forum and their CM posted this: Which Google translates to: So this would mean that Chatan will appear on sunday. Can somebody confirm this?
  19. Magnadine

    Not a bug Valentine's Bugs?

    Same here. Wasn't around last year so 1st time I'm trying to complete One Foolish Romeo, but no questgiver on the map (yet) :(
  20. Magnadine

    Mexican Machete

    The Mexican Machete is a quest reward for the main questline 'Call to adventure'. To get this questline you have to be at least lvl 20 and the previous main questline 'The Outpost' must be completed. Once you finish all quests from 'Call to adventure' you can either pick The Mexican or the...