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  1. Secret of the west birthday cake

    When will this "known issue" get fixed? Also, does the regeneration from the cake stack with the regeneration bonus from the wolfman set? It kind of sucks having a bugged item in my inventory.
  2. New Maya Roalstad window not loading - JS error - World El Dorado

    It only seems to be happening on El Dorado and not on other worlds.
  3. Upgrade Achievements Help

    Thanks for that info. I got the "demilitarization" one today. Now i would like to know what all the other upgrade achievements names and descriptions are so that I can work on them.
  4. Upgrade Achievements Help

    I noticed on the Achievements page for upgrades that the Donkey Achievements has 6 types and I only have 5 so far in my achievement list. Is there a list somewhere else of what ALL the achievements are for ALL upgrades ? The page on TW-db isn't really that helpful since it's not updated. Thanks...
  5. It`s this the END?

    I migrated to world 12 with this toon name when world 4 closed. My question is... Since I already migrated with a quest to do the move and got the achievement and title for it, will there be another quest to migrate available where I can keep everything my toon has on it, or does my toon have...
  6. Confirmed The Campaign locations still locked after completing previous part

    Anyone have a link to the wiki page that has the walkthrough for this quest? My level 130 character on Colorado is stuck after finishing "Other Tribes" part and the Indian Village (same place as Waupee's Village) is locked at the correct location since my level 149 character on Arizona has...
  7. New Repeatable Wogon Attack quest problem

    It started late on the worlds I play on. This can be deleted.
  8. New Repeatable Wogon Attack quest problem

    I play on World 12 and have characters on Arizona, Briscoe, Colorado, El Dorado and Galveston. My characters on World 12, Arizona, Colorado and El Dorado can't start the repeatable Wogon Attack quest although the Wogon Chief is at Amahpiya Mountain. There is no quest start from Waupee showing up...
  9. quest the fist

    When you have no weapon in your duelling hand (left side of your character), then it shows up as a fist when you duel someone. If it is for a quest then just unequip your dueling hand.
  10. April Fools?

    I'm just glad that it didn't link to a porn video.Thanks for the huge laugh..:)
  11. Perfect Heist

    The quest started correctly, but now a character of mine on Arizona can't complete Fake Gold quest after getting the fake gold bar printed. The quest disappeared from Maya when I went to complete it. I would report it in a ticket, but I'm afraid of getting that same lame response that I got for...
  12. Quest: Check the Ranch (A Western Nightmare)

    The answer to my support ticket said that it was a known issue and that they are working on fixing it...*sighs* My other character will just have to wait until next year to try doing it again.
  13. Quest: Check the Ranch (A Western Nightmare)

    I submitted a support ticket for my other character's problem on Arizona but I couldn't add a screen shot.
  14. Quest: Check the Ranch (A Western Nightmare)

    My money is on the quest getting fixed the day before the time ends for doing them. Better luck next Also...The repeatable quest A Western Nightmare doesn't show up for a character of mine on World Arizona.
  15. Quest: Check the Ranch (A Western Nightmare)

    One of my characters on a different world can't access the ranch quest giver either. Last year the access date was on the 28th. I will have to wait until then to try accessing it then.
  16. Inability to free a fossil

    I have the same issue on world 12.
  17. Christopher's Parade quest missing

    I have a problem on World 12 with this quest not showing up even though I completed the Save The Saloon part 2 quest line. The quest location isn't showing up for me either. Please help. I have another character on world Arizona who is stuck on the quest. He did Build the float last year, but...
  18. HJust completed a Hidden Donkey Achievement

    I did not miss any part.
  19. HJust completed a Hidden Donkey Achievement

    It costs $20,475 to buy enough donkeys to make a level 5 upgraded donkey. For the upgrading it's 1 nugget or $125 for each level 1 upgrade. To get to level 5 you need 3 level 4 upgrades and either 1 nugget or $125. It took one of my characters a few hours to do it. Edit: The other...
  20. Just completed a Hidden Donkey Achievement

    You can sell the level 5 upgraded donkey to the Traveling Merchant and your town General Store for $62. Hmm..That just doesn't sound too fair for all those I had to buy to make it.