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  1. Agfob

    Fort repairs / maintenance after battle

    Howdy ladies & gents :) I just heard this in Saloon in-game chat today, and have not heard about this before so I figured I will post it here as I think it's a simple but nice idea: Idea: After a fort battle (or after 3, 5, 10 fort battles) a fort would need some maintenance work. Some...
  2. Agfob

    DAY & NIGHT IN THE WEST!!! :-)

    Howdy ladies & gents :) I proposed this 3 or 5 years ago once, but I will try again now :) The idea is to have: DAY & NIGHT IN THE WEST! :) As we all know we have players from all over the world playing this game so its nice that it is always day in the west no matter where or when you log...
  3. Agfob

    New world release date?

    As the first player has reached level 150 in Galveston and others will follow soon, the question arises, will there be yet another world release and if so, when is it set to open?
  4. Agfob

    New world

    Howdy :-) I just wanted to ask if inno already has a date for when (or if) the new world is about to come out? much obliged, Agfob
  5. Agfob

    Golden Gun

    Howdy I know we had this issue before, but I just wanted to address it again. To obtain the golden gun players have to do a difficult quest. It used to be the best gun in the west, but since named rifles and the update option came out it has lost its standing in the west. I think its time to...
  6. Agfob

    Is the server down?

    All I get is a blank and white screen when I go to Anybody having the same problem or is it just me? ( seems to work)