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  1. manialok

    petition to reverse 1.32 dueling

    its about nuggets? or bad advisers? Currently the-west game is infested by some bad adviser to management/developers, and this dueling change is probably result of that. The ppt presented had following bullet points Based on luck means random and controlled by mods/dev from backend. It will...
  2. manialok


    check out infamous and death door's mortician.
  3. manialok

    Chrome Support

    Chrome is by product of MS and google ego clash. And at this stage, if you are not google employee, making chorme your primary browser is not recommended. Use Fire Fox, it is the browser!
  4. manialok

    My Brother's Works

    Wow, very nice. Impressive! The copper coat of the lion.... very good
  5. manialok

    Could w11 be free of alliance drama?

    If THP, MCs are not forming bigger alliance some noobs may(will) try to make itsy bitsy allainces
  6. manialok

    It's the Holidays!

    Merry Christmas to you all, May Santa fulfills your wish:)
  7. manialok

    Fort Sands is under attack looking for able bodied defenders :)

    I ll come and I will defend
  8. manialok

    ZenDen recruiting

    Town is complete now and we are 31 ppl. Need more :)
  9. manialok

    ZenDen recruiting

    Not so great response from the forum advertisement, however we managed to recruit the required 4 guys (not all of them are soldiers) . We are now 26 ppl. We are starting next phase 26 to 30 i.e. another 4 new members. Despite not getting much response I still want soldiers only, however I have...
  10. manialok

    ZenDen recruiting

    About us Town Name: ZenDen Town Rank: 14 (as of on Nov 5th, 2009) Town Points: 58238 (as of on Oct 24th, 2009) What classes are required: Solider or adventurer Number of Open Positions: 4 contact: manialok Location: Town is located in a strategic position; there are plenty of high xp/money...
  11. manialok

    Fort Sands - come help defend

    I ll be there :)
  12. manialok

    Do you think a 50% cap on damage reduction is acceptable for dueling?

    use Quest to implement these kind of changes Instead of compromising for 25% and no free re-spec option the developer could have stick to 50% and should have introduced a quest "Resistance is futile" This quest appears only when 1. you are KO'ed 2. your reflex + toughness is higher than...
  13. manialok

    Do you think a 50% cap on damage reduction is acceptable for dueling?

    Change is needed I agree that something should be done to restrict resistance dueler being uber dueler. But suddenly making all of them irrelevant is not a good idea. I wanted some solution to restrict resistance dueler build because it totally ignores aim and dodging which are supposedly...
  14. manialok

    The West Newspaper

    mmm no that would too general. Instead desinero interview should be there for helping so many with signature. Waiting for newspaper to arrive :)
  15. manialok

    The West Newspaper

    gr8 idea, somebody interview me as well :D. Title may be "Rise and Fall of a pauper" or "Aesthetic dueler" or "Marxist solider" :laugh:
  16. manialok

    Fort Problems/Recommendations

    How long one can avoid attacks by attacking their own fort. I don't think they are doing it to avoid "outside attack". IMO they might have money to spent and they are doing it to practice fort battles. Anyway after a town is fully upgraded all the money in treasury is of no use other than to use...
  17. manialok

    Changes to dueling - not a whiney thread

    Yes only solider/dueler should do well if it is about fighting. May be it is only me, but I like to be in control of my character when playing game, If I make mistake I pay for the consequences. When I made choice of being builder then I was ready to loose the duels but decided to be a better...
  18. manialok

    Changes to dueling - not a whiney thread

    I would love it, certainly it will be fun:)
  19. manialok

    Changes to dueling - not a whiney thread

    IMHO they have screwed up the fort. The faults in implementation 1. Why new skills are used in fort battle, if somebody has developed the character to be dueler/fighter same should be applicable in town shootout. 2. Why you need to buy a different weapon, why cant you use a precise revolver...
  20. manialok

    Anyone want to bully a bully?

    it is always suggested, that if somebody is dueling you and you are not able to defend, try to get a friend who will help you. this guy was trying the same, it is not question of how many time he has been dueled or received threatening message. If somebody wants to help, help him. (and if...