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  1. 1Big Chief

    The Duel Showdown

    I would imagine .. rolling and ducking tactics would play a big roll in being shot... ... and also (IF) how many players target a single player .. which would free up the other freed up players to shoot back .. hurting them There are many ways TEAM tactics can be used.. targeting the strongest...
  2. 1Big Chief

    The Duel Showdown

    Thanks Kuro .. a long shot.. but as you say.. worth asking ;)
  3. 1Big Chief

    The Duel Showdown

    Virtually 7 Years later... after the idea passed the vote with 84% Sadly... they haven't added it.. but worse.. they haven't replied back to say it was in all Canned in it's entirety @kuro90 .. any chance you can find out ... please ? Thanks
  4. 1Big Chief

    Duel Buff Bug

    Nope.. nothing like that.. unless getting injured on a job gets a "knee-jerk" reaction ;) Nope.. agree.. but haven't done an NPC in a year in the least I just armed another Jam.. so lets see how long those 5 last... No FF's.. just jobs for Event.
  5. 1Big Chief

    Duel Buff Bug

    Does anyone else lose Duel buffs after arming it... and without being dueled... you log on sometime later.. hours or days.. and it's gone ? In my case... arming Polishing Stone (2) and Jam (5) .. but all 5 Jam uses disappear. Is it a Bug.. or was there a time limit introduced ? Guess since...
  6. 1Big Chief

    World 1 Closing :(

    WoW o.O What a Turn-Around !! So those that Left out of Fear of Losing a Decade Long of Game Play Probably won't be Allowed to return if they so desired ? Its a valid question.. since they were being "forced" out.
  7. 1Big Chief

    World 1 Closing :(

    :D Futu... The Wisest Thing I've EVER Heard You Say :D Lets Just Hope they Wise UP FAST... Before People Do Stop ;)
  8. 1Big Chief

    World 1 Closing :(

    Ok.. So Now Classic World 1 is Closing... WITHOUT Consulting Players ? Da Twist//INNO... You Do Realize that your Plight to Close Small Worlds... Least a Classic one.. to Fill Newer Worlds... will Not Help The West @ ALL !! I for One.. with many Others... Cherish World 1... and I would Rather...
  9. 1Big Chief

    Level 5 Harper's axe

    Awe ... no wonder I can't find even ONE on the Market over there :confused: Congrats tho ... will end mine on Level 4 on Colorado... Ain't going THAT Far !!! :D
  10. 1Big Chief

    Is anyone one ALIVE?

    What ? Tom Paris is Still Alive ??? :eek: Must be Another Lie o_O That is Another Lie .. need newer glasses !! :cool: lol Yeah.. We still have our Fun on World 1.. & only Colorado is busier... the rest of my Worlds are ticking time bombs :D
  11. 1Big Chief

    It`s this the END?

    I've said it before... Toon born & dies in World 1 & I move on... all other worlds are deleted. Right now INNO is killing the game on their own I gave many tips for better game play 1. DUELS.. I proposed a Duel Showdown.. It...
  12. 1Big Chief

    WORLD 1

    I've said it before... Toon born & dies in World 1 & I move on... all other worlds are deleted. Right now INNO is killing the game on their own I gave many tips for better game play ;)
  13. 1Big Chief

    Hollywest: The West Video Contest Voting!

    Well done to both.. takes a lot of effort :up:
  14. 1Big Chief

    Duel Changes

    Tinkering with the duel system is not the answer... they should be upgrading dueling.. like they did with Advent Battles No point in changing the tyres (dueling system).. if you're still got the same engine (no glamour.. still boring) :( Disappointed in INNO.. NO Imagination when it comes to...
  15. 1Big Chief


    Racism is overstated... and over exaggerated .. mainly by those in self pity What is racism to a "possible victim"... could just be cultural differences comment by another
  16. 1Big Chief

    International Fort Battles Championship Entries

    Player name: 1Big Chief World: Colorado Level: 134 Class: Soldier Profession: Hobo.. I mean Blacksmith Health Points: 18490 Are you skilled for Fort Battles: define skilled.. I'm just Meatshield Online/Offline: Online if in 19:00 to 01:00 server time zone Leader/Entrant: entrant
  17. 1Big Chief

    Bring Back Migration of Servers

    Yeah.. looking at those figures on page 1 .. I can agree with you on Colorado & Dakota I just am more active on Colorado... as FF's are very good there.. though myself less active of late As everyone has friends they like to communicate with.. mine are on W1 So should Inno close it.. thats it...
  18. 1Big Chief

    Bring Back Migration of Servers

    As for my signature.. I was Born World 1 .. I will Die World 1 - - - Town Pic I will now proceed to KILL ALL MY TOONS on ALL Worlds Except W1 From today.. I will NOT be spending a cent more on this game If Anyone is looking for Sets I PAID Good $$$ for.. give me a...
  19. 1Big Chief

    Forum posting

    Yeah.. that shouldn't be to hard to implement.. especially since you can open the forum in a new tab ;)
  20. 1Big Chief

    Increase Maximum Friends

    I agree with you Kidd.. same old pc crap here.. besides.. only HelenBack has so many friends.. because she is sooo *HUGGABLE* :laugh: