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  1. manialok

    ZenDen recruiting

    About us Town Name: ZenDen Town Rank: 14 (as of on Nov 5th, 2009) Town Points: 58238 (as of on Oct 24th, 2009) What classes are required: Solider or adventurer Number of Open Positions: 4 contact: manialok Location: Town is located in a strategic position; there are plenty of high xp/money...
  2. manialok

    ZenDen Recruitment

    5 slots for 2 adventurers, 2 Soldiers and 1 builder. Only very good builders required. In our town we live as family and share experiences. Though there are no hard rules, however some are listed below which you are accepted to follow. Required to follow: 1. Be Active. 2. Be Active. 3...