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  1. ilianvs

    Fort battle target

    We all know the people who forget to set target in fort battles and usually die faster. The idea is simple, just let the Captains and Generals to see where is someones target. I think this way "the rankers" can be way more selective with their ranks. Visual aid: Edit: Please, let us vote. :)...
  2. ilianvs

    Are you searching for a new town?

    Then join UNSEEN HANDS. We are one of the best towns in Arizona, second place in "westforts", we have players that can always help you, no matter of which class you are, you are always welcome! Contact ilianvs, CowboyMadJ or any other hat. :cool:
  3. ilianvs

    INFERNO NATION searching for soliders and duelers

    Town Name: INFERNO NATION Rank:40 Members:30 Dueling Points:about 9-10k We are accepting any levels,only if you are active. If you want to help with the recruiting just ask one of our founders.:) If someone wants just to shop contact me ilianvs;)