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  1. adventures and spirit of gaming

    Any news about doing some changes for outlaw gear due to it's serious under power / low performance for items which can be found only with low percent drop from loot which also is dropping on only 1 place with questionable rate ???
  2. Adventure loot drop .

    Adding 3 more from yesterday and on the fort today I GOT LOOOOOT . That mean 39 or 40 - lost count but it is really ridiculous .
  3. Adventure loot drop .

    Hi . I am creating this thread to keep count of the loot drop records since last time you received one . My record till now was around 20 wins ( reaching 35 points without loot drop ) but now have a new one . On 20-th had 13 wins , plus a few more from the previous day but don't remember how...
  4. Rules Revisions - Discussion thread

    Any time this week for reply cause there are players which are insulting and ruining the adventures on purpose again ?
  5. Rules Revisions - Discussion thread

    Let's start from beginning : 1.How to report a player if he doesn't say a word during pre-game , game , post game or he using offensive/insulting language in the last seconds before chat is closed ? 2.I am not asking about a procedures - I am asking about a clear rules what IS and what IS NOT...
  6. Rules Revisions - Discussion thread

    With all the respect Mr. Da Twista but this is total joke regarding the adventure . First can't provide clear details how rule violations will be investigated . Second - how and on what bases will adventure be reported for rule violations ? Third - you don't have a clear rules what can and...
  7. Bug for repeatable West point ?

    Any update on this one ???
  8. Bug for repeatable West point ?

    n-game name: Degradatzia Affected worlds: Colorado Browser: Firefox Type of Bug: Quest Hello . Is there is a problem with the repeatable quest West point . I am at the point where I need Letter from Washington but after 200 energy didn't got it . Other players mentioning in the chats there is...
  9. Independence Day Event 2017

    Hello . I didn't receive 1 point for the stage prize when I click the free construction . Correction - Saw what the issue is .
  10. Adventure loot

    Where is this info coming from ?
  11. Adventure loot 20% chance if reaching the final reward stage of an adventure . Reward stages mark progress intervals towards the victory condition, such as reaching 7, 14, 21, 28 or 35 of 35 points in domination mode . In short - 20% chance if your team...
  12. Adventure loot

    Where do you see this for draws ( you mean 35=35 ? ) you get less chance ? And like I said - there are no draws .
  13. Adventure loot

    In-game name : Degradatzia Affected worlds : Colorado - Playing only one . Browser : Mozila - not sure if related Type of Bug : Other Description : Hello . Not sure if I can call it a bug but today I got my newest personal best and I want to brag . After 18 games , reaching 35 points , finally...
  14. Winning and sharing points in adventures

    Since the assigning is based on players levels you will always have this , let's call it dis-balance , but I agree something should change . Few ideas are : adventure played count , gun dmg on signing ( but then shouldn't have the option to change it ) etc . Also ignore list for players not to...
  15. Adventure chests prizes

    Hi . Nice that you have corrected the prices but will those who spend the VP on incorrect prices will get some compensations ?
  16. Adventure chests prizes

    Hello . Why there is a difference in prices between : and The price right now in the Veteran shop ?
  17. Adventure Guide

    Soooo . Someone know what will happen cause this link is providing only what you may get from chests . But what will happen with the adventure reward cause now is " 20% " ( think less ) chance to get a loot if you reach 35 points an now they are adding 8 different chests which mean even less...
  18. New adventures bugs

    Same here and can't understand why there is no announcement about it .
  19. Why Force People To Adventer?

    Yes . That's correct but like I said till inno do something about it ( still hope ) will be like that . And for the quest - if you don't have the will after 5 games or how many u tried to continue trying - can't help u that's on you . My town mates also don't play it at all but found a way to...
  20. Why Force People To Adventer?

    Like Abydos said same old discussion but let me share some of my thoughts : 1.New players : - If you playing for first time , you have a pop up screen for the guide ( how to play and what's the goal of the game ) but I think 99.9% of the players just close it . Dunno how many of them search it...