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  1. Crocett Lynx

    WINTER time now and SNOWBALL WAR

    Hei I have a fun Idea Winter = snow Why not in ( MPI ) snowball war 2 winter fortresses weapons = snowballs ( must work to make the snow balls , egs 15sec = one ball ) -- if u work and hour u get one snowball as well AND if u cheat and use nugges will YOUR SNOWBALLS be removed and go...
  2. Crocett Lynx

    Quest for the level 120 players

    HI there are complains from the players with level 120, that i play with that there are no questes to do, I had a real good Idea last morning. this can be done as repeatable or .... infedently quest from exampel henry make 1000 barrels job 1: makewood barrels ( do a wood job ) hammer eqv . (...