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  1. 1Big Chief

    Duel Buff Bug

    Does anyone else lose Duel buffs after arming it... and without being dueled... you log on sometime later.. hours or days.. and it's gone ? In my case... arming Polishing Stone (2) and Jam (5) .. but all 5 Jam uses disappear. Is it a Bug.. or was there a time limit introduced ? Guess since...
  2. 1Big Chief

    World 1 Closing :(

    Ok.. So Now Classic World 1 is Closing... WITHOUT Consulting Players ? Da Twist//INNO... You Do Realize that your Plight to Close Small Worlds... Least a Classic one.. to Fill Newer Worlds... will Not Help The West @ ALL !! I for One.. with many Others... Cherish World 1... and I would Rather...
  3. 1Big Chief

    New Fun - West Country Wars ?

    I was just wondering what the rest of you rotten guys & sweet gals thought about this idea. It seems like it could be fun... whats missing is different type of game play on the west Let me know your critic nays :no: & awesome yays ;) Here's the image of a desired balance .. countries are...
  4. 1Big Chief

    The Duel Showdown

    Duel Showdown... aka... Town Raids... aka... Team Duel Challenges Proposal What I am proposing is a Duel Showdown, where you duel as a team of 8 vs a town. I believe that this idea could really make the Dueling in The West exciting again, and if it doesn't give the Developers/INNO something to...
  5. 1Big Chief

    What is a Multi vs a Battle?

    Previous thread closed by going "off-topic".. so here is The correct one.. stay on-topic.. ALL As Brought Up by Futurama Futurama.. finally.. someone who is thinking on the same lines as me.. finally.. but lets just turn it around a...
  6. 1Big Chief

    Good, Bad & Ugly - The Fort Fight Movies

    Here are all Fort Fights from Worlds 1... 9... & 12. All Youtube Links are dead.. can delete post.