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  1. Game home page not loading.

    I click on my bookmark for the homepage to log into one of my worlds, and I get automatically directed to (which is just a blank page for me) instead of -- wtf?
  2. Login Issues

    Shut out on all six worlds. So, are we going to get a bonus to make up for how the bonus for screwing things up last time has screwed up things again...?
  3. Login Issues

    WTF is up with Colorado right now? I can log in to five other worlds, but trying to get into Colorado just bounces me right back to the login screen.
  4. Server down!

    WTF is up with Colorado right now? I can log in to five other worlds, but trying to get into Colorado just bounces me right back to the login screen.
  5. Briscoe Server down?

    Briscoe won't load past 18% and a black screen right now. Correction: After two hours of unsuccessful attempts to log in to Briscoe, I managed to get in by switching from Chrome to Internet Explorer. Still able to get to all five of my other accounts with Chrome, no idea why this is happening...
  6. Knight in shining Armor

    How do I get the questgiver to show up? I've completed the required quest, but there is no questgiver where he's supposed to be, just a ring of locked boxes.
  7. Dueling Pros & Cons

    That's not how it works.
  8. Buff question

    Actually, I don't think that's true -- I do it all the time, and I've never noticed a "waytime-shortener" cancel out a speed buff.
  9. Resolved how to win duel against Bandit (charlie Quest)

    By "evasion" do you mean "dodge" or "reflex"...?
  10. Veteran horse & Heavy ammo belt

    See how it went from 100 bonds to 1000 bonds? LOL Ever hear of the game "telephone," people? ;)
  11. Website - English support

    Well, frig it, lol, downloaded Screwgle and went that route, all seems well so far.
  12. Website - English support

    Which has nothing to do with my original post (refer back to previous point A). I only said that the browser/OS issue might be the sort of thing to convince me to quit, given everything else wrong with the game already. I never blamed the game for the browser/OS issue.
  13. Website - English support

    Not using any other scripts, just want to use ClothCalc and the TWDB import features, etc. Will try uninstalling/reinstalling Greasemonkey.
  14. Website - English support

    Just Sayin' A) Are you familiar with the concept of "the straw that broke the camel's back"? B) ClothCalc was working just fine with Firefox on XP, suddenly not so well with it on Vista, so, yeah, that's annoying. C) My experience with Screwgle has been very subpar indeed, and so has my...
  15. Website - English support

    ARGH, more bad news. So now, as much as I hate Screwgle, I have to switch to their crappy browser, which also appears to be the one which gives ClothCalc the most fits. I think my patience with this game is finally worn thin.
  16. Website - English support

    Same thing, same errors; the tw-db error log says "local storage is null" about five thousand times, but that's it. I can cut and paste the other command in the java console, and that seems to work, but I still can't get the import buttons to turn up or stop the error messages if I refresh the...
  17. Website - English support

    By "clearing local storage," do you just mean using the FF "delete recent history" command? And by "install most recent version," do you just mean click the "download" button on the "userscript" page?
  18. Website - English support

    It's all I have to work with at the moment, and I don't want to be mean, but comments like that aren't helping. ;)
  19. Website - English support

    wtf Okay, so now that XP support is over, I'm back to running on my main boot, which is Vista 64. FF was running the latest version of clothcalc and the database importer just fine yesterday on my XP boot, but I had never bothered to install them on my Vista boot. Now I've downloaded and...
  20. What is 'active waytime shortening'?

    It means shortening the amount of time currently ticking on the clock as you are moving to a new area, aka your "active waytime." So if you're not currently moving, it does nothing, just as a speed increase will not shorten any journey you are already on.