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  1. xShteff

    Feedback: New forum layout

    I mean, technically no forum had those emotes since the big move to XenForo :p.
  2. xShteff

    We really need to close down the older worlds and allow migration

    Legit made me chuckle. I hated those ridiculous rules :p. Believe I got punished myself for those. Yikes. Just realised I've had a horse image as an avatar my entire career here lmao. Also I thought my signature burning down would do that, I remember putting a lot of effort into it xd ^...
  3. xShteff

    We really need to close down the older worlds and allow migration

    I'm just leaving this here: It's a review from some senior developer that worked here, on Glassdoor (funny enough mine was deleted). There's plenty of reviews like that. (Of course, the only positive ones mentioning free snacks and beer)
  4. xShteff

    The West goes Mexican

    Gracias señor Lolo! Es muy bueno!
  5. xShteff

    Website - English support

    I believe this should be fixed now. Try again?
  6. xShteff

    Getting tired of this...

    Yeah I think that part is broken. I believe it's supposed to show active sessions you have on those sites.
  7. xShteff

    Getting tired of this...

    In a browser game? Absolutely not lmao. You only have access to a limited amount of information regarding the client (even less now that GDPR is a thing) via a browser. That is a thing on consoles however, where they have their own OS and they run native applications (it's been a thing since...
  8. xShteff

    Getting tired of this...

    I forgot who that was, but the name sounds familiar. Either french or danish player, who either "shared account w/ mum" or made 600 accounts. Because static IP addresses are haven't been a thing for like 10 years at this point. You can't just ban the entire Singapore for one guy (or can you?)...
  9. xShteff

    RAM overload when running the game

    You can always download more ram. /s Try changing using Mozilla Firefox. Most Chromium browsers (not even sure why you picked Opera out of all of them) are known to use a high amount of RAM memory. The game itself should (don't quote me on that, I havent logged in months) not use a high amount...
  10. xShteff

    Post Your Avatar Glitches

    "I thought as a moderator you're supposed to be IMPARTIAL!" Couldn't resist. Hopefully someone gets the reference. LE: Also 420 posts, I'm done here. <3
  11. xShteff

    New Forum bug

    The bottom navbar is still broken, years after it's been released. You can't expand any drop-downs (drop-ups? see image.) unless you're at the top of the page. It's been fixed on the Beta forums for a while (how long have I been gone?), I believe it's a single CSS string you have to add. pls fix.
  12. xShteff

    Post Your Avatar Glitches

    Nah, this happened because I managed to send corrupt avatar data to the server, which literally made it display nothing (broke it on Server side, which made it look like that for everyone, not just me). I remember back in the day when changing avatar's skin colour wasn't possible, I actually...
  13. xShteff

    Post Your Avatar Glitches

    Actually made me re-activate one of my accounts lel. Does this count? This is from back in the day. I actually managed to break my avatar, it appears like this for everyone.
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    Who? /s
  15. xShteff


    OG ZZ Team meeting when? @jarograv @Diggo11 @mwfossils @Slygoxx @futurama1001
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    Damn, it's almost like we already had the reunion. It was a fun one! Alright, see you in 2020! (Probably not) I agree with him. How dare you have an opinion! You should be a soulless person that's not supposed to do anything other than banning people. /s
  17. xShteff

    New Error Picking Up All from Market

    It would be nice if it caused a "turn back time feature" instead.
  18. xShteff

    Voting for the Future of the Game thus letting developers know what helps us enjoy!

    You can't really save a game from dying if the game's already dead :p. The game never had or will have a purpose. It became an endless loop of tombolas and collecting gear that will be discontinued in a few months. And it's not going to change, sorry <3. Most of the managers (not all of them)...
  19. xShteff

    Discussion Updated Script Catalog

    Fixed. Since I've been getting random e-mails with requests thought I might as well mention it here. This will probably be my last commit on any West-related user script. All of them are available on my Github account, if anyone wishes to take over them feel free to contact me (On my personal...
  20. xShteff

    Events - Moving onto the next level! - Discussion

    Hey man, no tombolas active right now! Woo! :p