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  1. Felicity Crumpet

    Damage & Class Balance (of FFs)

    Change most needed is to adventurer class to help them ghost more. And to the defence attack balance to help defence a bit more.
  2. Felicity Crumpet

    New World - Idaho

    Have to admit I agree with Pank. I don't like how that is worded on the login page at all. p.s. good to see Derek is back. :)
  3. Felicity Crumpet

    Soccer Event

    Not correct. Once you have the 250, and the achievement, you can still get the blue card from the daily quest in the Saloon.
  4. Felicity Crumpet

    Game screen gone dark

    Like others with older eyes, I am not a fan of the darker screen. In fact, I find it completely eggsasperating.
  5. Felicity Crumpet

    Farewell in the name of the Almighty Brown Tie

    Those of us that linger, remembering that fantastic journey nostalgically, wish you all the very best, Futu. xx
  6. Felicity Crumpet

    Migration from old worlds.

    Thanks for explaining that, Futu. What a sad situation for all to find themselves in.
  7. Felicity Crumpet

    Certain Items not appearing in bags

    Wow. Come on, get this fixed!
  8. Felicity Crumpet

    2.68 Loading Times

    Another thing that seems to be back is the fort battle bug when signing into fort battles, that it doesn't always register properly and the yellow dot vanishes.
  9. Felicity Crumpet

    International Fort Battle Championship, Part 2! - Discussion!

    You'll have to go play on Briscoe to manage that, Nox. Though I've heard one of the alliances there traitors him. :rolleyes: Deiben, in the years I played Briscoe you were always a worthy, dedicated opponent. The first International event, your dedication was 100%, and I don't expect it was any...
  10. Felicity Crumpet

    Fort repairs / maintenance after battle

    Knew I'd seen a similar idea before, hadn't realised just how long ago. :D
  11. Felicity Crumpet

    All jobs build?

    Hi Delgado, even with tombola gear you'll find some jobs are out of reach (or too dangerous) unless you move some skills for them. Also, you should be able to get some gear off the market or on loan from a town hat, using ingame not real money.
  12. Felicity Crumpet

    Log in - identity expired

    Same problem here, was just about to report it.
  13. Felicity Crumpet

    International Fort Battle Championship, Part 2! - Discussion!

    It is a matter of my own enjoyment of the process. I entered, have reconsidered, and will contact the support team so they are aware that I'm withdrawing from the event.
  14. Felicity Crumpet

    International Fort Battle Championship, Part 2! - Discussion!

    Thanks FF1. I threw my hat in the ring when entries were opened, but this time round no Musagete, and no Cvrchak is making me wonder who will be leading ... and making me less keen to participate.
  15. Felicity Crumpet

    International Fort Battle Championship, Part 2! - Discussion!

    Same question here. I signed up for the event but there are a couple of nights a week I won't be around so if that makes me offline for crucial battles it'll be better if someone else takes part. xx
  16. Felicity Crumpet

    The West Classic - Coming Soon

    Oh Derek, I think we've all missed a world where Derek can be Derek. :) I read out what you wrote above to my husband, and he said, but what's the point, it finishes in a month. To which I replied, "Well it's like a speed world isn't it, just extra slow." ;)
  17. Felicity Crumpet

    Announcement - Recruit Friends

    I've been getting this announcement every day for several days now on 2 worlds. There is no way to mark it read, and it seems to make no difference whether I close it, or click the Friends button first before closing it. Is there any way of making it go away?
  18. Felicity Crumpet

    international fort battles round 2

    Well said Deiben. It was a great event to be part of.
  19. Felicity Crumpet

    Version 2.43 discussion

    I preferred the previous version as well, the trading during the events was a great part of the fun. But this way Inno makes more money, I suppose ...
  20. Felicity Crumpet

    Oktoberfest 2016 discussion

    Yes, always use a knife and fork. :p p.s. welcome. :)