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    Sorry to be the cause of drama, checked in cause heard forum accounts were getting deleted and this looked like a good place for some banter. Thought the tone of the post was pretty clear but I must have lost my touch. Oh, and hi everyone ;)
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    Sounds horrible, I’ll be elsewhere
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    Farewell in the name of the Almighty Brown Tie

    Hello, all your poor souls who remain. Most of you by this point will only know me as the grumpy guy who complains about tombolas with every chance he gets (don't worry, I'll get to that shortly). A few others will hopefully remember me from years gone by, when I like to think that I was able...
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    Not necessarily. My only real belief is that people have the right to believe in whatever the hell they want to believe in, as long as they're not causing harm to anybody else. I don't believe in a God simply because I do believe in science, but that doesn't give me the right to try and turn...
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    Level cap increase

    I'm inclined to agree, mostly because of modern gear making skill points obsolete anyway. What difference will an extra 30 AP and 90 SP make at level 180 (which would require a great deal of exp anyway) when you've already got a couple of thousand to work with? I wouldn't be opposed to having...
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    World 1 Closing :(

    Hopefully it'll still be closed. In addition to the valid reasons given above, ie. the fact that many people will have already left based on the information given, the world very much ran its course long ago. The biggest shame is that World 1 players haven't been able to migrate to Colorado for...
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    World 1 Closing :(

    I never meant to disagree with your original point, my thoughts on the matter are pretty similar to yours.
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    World 1 Closing :(

    I'm not interested in debating word definitions, nor have I been even remotely "defensive" in any matter involving Inno in recent times. I won't link my other post again, but it's still there as an example. I'll assume you'd premeditated that cowboy boot metaphor regardless of what you received...
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    World 1 Closing :(

    Anything posted in the Western Star forum does constitute and always has constituted an official announcement. The issue here - and I don't deny that there is one, as I pointed out in the other thread discussing the closures - is that there hasn't been adequate communication, not that the small...
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    Migration from old worlds.

    I agree that a month's notice or so would be optimal, but unfortunately there's not too much we can do about it. The decision to close worlds and enable migration routes isn't made by .net staff members, but by the Lead Community Manager and other Inno employees who aren't directly involved in...
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    Not a bug Yoy cannot accept any more open quests!

    He literally said that he'd already done that.
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    Migration from old worlds.

    I wouldn't assume anything. We're trying to confirm an exact date, which we're yet to be given. At this point it could even be late January.
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    Classic West minutiae - help!

    I think I can help clear a few of these up. Sly's list is pretty much spot on, but I believe a couple of them were named differently: Quaker Craftsman As for the women, asdf's list is okay, but you can't always rely on URLs because the images in this game are given notoriously unsystematic...
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    Travelling Fair - new prizes!

    Dear Cowboys and Cowgirls, A little fun and relaxation in between duels, fort battles and events... where is the best place for it? We would suggest the travelling fair! As also announced in the latest InnoGames TV episode: we added new buff items, as well as a new set to the reward pool of...
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    Christmas Sale 2017

    Ho-Ho-Ho Cowboys and Cowgirls, We apologise for the delayed announcement; in strange circumstances, our naughty or nice list had to be checked thrice. As you may have noticed, the traditional Western Christmas celebration has begun once again, and we've had a group of gnomes and elves helping...
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    International Fort Battle Championship, Part 2! - Discussion!

    I think this has just about run its course.
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    Achievement Rankings

    Firstly, I don't see how that's complex. Secondly, what newbies?
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    World 1 Closing :(

    What about the people who still play characters that were originally created on World 2, or World 3 or even 4 or 5, all of which were also opened in 2008? Players from those worlds weren't given the ability to play for 9 years on a single world, since their worlds were closed years ago. I don't...
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    World 1 Closing :(

    I'm sure it is a sad day for those to whom World 1 holds sentimental value as their first world, but the unfortunate fact is that it has been dead for a very long time now. I played World 1 for many years and still felt that it should have been shut down last time worlds were closing, since its...
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    Version 2.63 update to town points

    The 2.63 update didn't affect duel points, only church points. There was a previous update that changed the duel point calculation from being purely based on accumulated wins and KOs to incorporate the duel exp of a town's current members, which means towns that specialised in beating up level...