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  1. drphil3

    New world - choose a name

    if noone thought of it yet, how about Jasper?
  2. drphil3

    Website - English support

    update, still not fixed.
  3. drphil3

    Website - English support

    i contacted them still waiting on email
  4. drphil3

    Independence Day 2019

    i saved up for the 48k and that normal? total waste, would have been better to burn through patriot as far as i could get won't be doing THAT again
  5. drphil3

    Website - English support

    i got the same deal on fairbanks, but at the site, the calculator doesn't work either, just says json error.
  6. drphil3

    Website - English support

    heck i'll chip in as well. i never spend cash on stuff, too much of a miser, but the work is appreciated and has been very helpful to so many, even tho it doesn't cross a lot of minds. came back today and everything was down. let me know if you need anything.
  7. drphil3

    ingame chat emoticons

    i'd love a barf smiley as a response to the flood of add me's during events.
  8. drphil3

    New World - Idaho

    2D and 2 1/2D is where old gamers go to retire unless they're ambitious, in that case they go to professional venues and compete for money, and/or, become regulars on some fairly well known gaming related show, like the nerdist, or something more obscure. the point is we don't expect, or demand...
  9. drphil3

    New World - Idaho

    i plan to stay put in fairbanks since the first few worlds were closed and early guys (still here) had to migrate, until they make us move again. i don't see a point in moving or making a new toon when its just juggling the same thing at two different points of progress. i'll focus on maxing...
  10. drphil3

    Active Roleplayers and RPs

    if anybody needs help with anything, i'll jump in my crappy little car and run over to mow your lawn or make you soup.......or just record you some nice "i'm sick and this helps" music. whatever ya need, gamers are family
  11. drphil3

    Hidden mods/devs

    Kind of a necro response, late to the party, apologies. Some regular players have been gaming a rather long time, and have actually led some pretty interesting lives, and some, not most, just some, have enjoyed sharing some of their more relate-able antics over the years when the mood strikes them.
  12. drphil3

    Welcome to Fairbank

    I'm taking the folks who migrated from world 1, and some of the new bloods, but at my little bitty town, there's no direction really, everybody plays their own way, and pursues their own goals.
  13. drphil3

    Server Politics

    about the only politics i ever see game related is that off again on again discussion and semi successful attempts at balanced fort fights, and the usual occasional butthurts over simple misunderstandings between random fragile egos. Nothing worth writing home about ^^
  14. drphil3

    Energy Regen Rate?

    there's a few sets with energy regen, the best is saturiwa @ 50%. basically if you're at a hotel, yours or someone else's and you don't mind spending the cash, it adds a big boost to sleeping where its' "safe". other sets like sleepyhead offer 20% increase (i prefer doc's), then there's the...
  15. drphil3

    World 1 Closing :(

    we've seen games die completely, and some that fall off the radar, then get picked up by another company. there's a few i'd like to see make a comeback, and some i'm thankful are dead never to return. or, lack of similar themes in the context and format this one provides. there's some that...
  16. drphil3

    Active Roleplayers and RPs

    Thanks for this thread Regal, a lot of us early players were strictly RP like myself, and altho i've strayed a bit over the years, John Henry Holliday is still alive and well. Respect
  17. drphil3

    World 1 Closing :(

    for those of us who were here before most of the new features like fort fights, world one was home. its rather disheartening, but was eventually going to happen. i do agree with chief that it could have been handled far better, but, i've come to expect "we tell you, not ask you" from publishers...
  18. drphil3

    Fort repairs / maintenance after battle

    i look at it this way, people want their achievements, what do you do when there's still building achievements to finish but nothing left to build? easy! make repairs! heck, you can even renovate and make it a bob villa thing, "this old barracks" you could even hold visuals competitions so...
  19. drphil3

    All jobs build?

    you can also take lower cost regular gear, spend only a little in game cash, and upgrade it a few times. you won't be able to sell it, but it will raise the gears' stats, so be sure its gear with the stats you want. fine or fancy is pretty good, or some of the lower cost named pieces in the item...
  20. drphil3

    Save Galveston Fort Battles

    I'll join that bus Tuck. it comes with being an old gamer that some get past what they were more concerned about early in their gaming life and move on to more philanthropic concerns, like making other players better, and improving their gaming experience, in that they are able to enjoy the...