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  1. Opening multiple chests at once

    Proposal With the new job lead trade office giving bags as products, it is tedious to open 50+ bags one at a time. So i propose to allow players to open multiple bags at once. Current workaround Opening one bag at a time. Details When you would click on a bag,it would open a popup...
  2. Resolved Quests cant be completed

    For all the quests that require you to open up the minimap, town forum etc. after i open it, i cant finish the quest. Anything im doing wrong?
  3. The mobile trader

    In game name-billions911 Affected world-w14 (briscoe) browser-chrome and firefox type of bug-other in chrome in firefox There seems to be different items in different browsers,and theres a third row of items. It also seems i can buy the items in the third row as well. I also already...
  4. Resolved couple questions

    couple questions (new one) 1.if u migrate with items in the market,will they be lost forever? 2. lets say the chance of getting an item is 20%. will allans whole set increase it to 30% or 70%? 3.In the achievements for for those items, is the rares to get on the right,and most common on...
  5. chat box

    when 2.0 first came out,in order to enter a chat,u had to manually click,it automatically enters all available chats (county,alliance,town). However,this creates a massive lag and i want to go to how it originally was. Is this possible,or am i stuck with it?
  6. Resolved bounties

    i know this is a silly question,but if u got koed, but u someone just put a bounty on ur head, are u able to be dueled by someone?
  7. vila de sintra needing...YOU

    name:villa de sintra rank:1175 town points:14,716 what classes:adventures and duelers (any but those 2 are needed) number of open positions:5 requirements:has to be level 10 and up, willingly to donate as well other:to help you decide,our town has many fancy,precise stuff
  8. Villa de Sintra Recruiting

    Ok my town, Villa de Sintra is recruiting ANY player higher than level 15 that are NOT greenhorns make come. Builders are greatly needed :no:
  9. not showing

    ok i picked adventure for my character.then after like a month, the BONUS STATS for like 10% less chance to get hurt right.well it does not show when i do the this supposed to happen?:unsure:
  10. Resolved can you play the west on ipod

    I was wondering if you can play the west on an ipod touch 3g 32 gigabyte?does it work for higher gig models?