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  1. Looking for a Town

    New on this server. This time I'm playing as a pure builder. Someone in need of one? Currently lvl 13.
  2. Discussion The West Stats

    Weststats, search for several items Is it possible to make a search for several items with item search in weststats? I want several items, and one town probably have them all. Here's the javascript for 2items, but I'm not able to combine them. javascript:chooseItem('body', 'clothes_green'...
  3. Talisman, and The Loser (blind eagle Bob)

    The loser quest doesn't show for me. What's the requirements?
  4. Pure leadership question

    Couls someone plz give an answer to this? I'm curious as well.
  5. Resolved XP

    That was embarrasing :indian: Thx!
  6. Resolved XP

    Has someone a list of how many xp you need to get promoted from each level?
  7. Resolved Scripts

  8. Are You Looking for a Town

    Hi, I'm a Norwegian looking for a town. Experienced in the game, but haven't played for several months. Planning to become a pure builder. Started 10 minutes ago :) I'm not looking anymore, I've found a town.
  9. Resolved Scripts

    I haven't played for a couple of months, and all my scripts are now crrupt. Where can I find an update?
  10. Dell River

    2 more levels on the gunsmith and we're done!
  11. Mountain Dell

    Someone got any ship's bells to spare ? ;)
  12. Resolved P&P

  13. Resolved P&P

    What does it mean when a thread is marked P&P?
  14. Dell River

    Progress last week: Bank: 7->9 Residences: 7->8 Tailor: 5->7 General Store: 5->7 Gunsmith: 5->7
  15. Worst Injury While Working

    You stay in the sun too long and get a bad sunburn. You lose 5 health points.
  16. Dell River

    Progress last week: Bank: 5->7 Town hall: 5->10 Residences: 6->7 Gunsmith: 4->5
  17. Pure swimmer, when to swap?

    I'm a pure swimmer lvl 8, and able to raft wood. Is it wise to continue going pure swimmer until the paddlesteamer, or should I make a swap. If so, in what direction?
  18. Dell River

    Progress last week: Bank: 1->5 Tailor: 2->5 General store: 2->5 Gunsmith: 2->4 Mortician
  19. Dell River

    Looking for a town that's growing fast? Here it is! Founded 30th of July. All levels accepted. Atm 34 residents, with a nice mixture of new and more experienced players. We got a luxury apartment waiting for you! Send leboniz a telegram if you're interested. Founded 30th of July Town Hall -...