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  1. xxflip

    The Guild of Master Craftsmen

    Town Name: Crafters Guild Town Rank: Just founded (expect top 100 easily) Town Points: Just founded (above 77000 very soon) What classes are required: Any class welcome Number of Open Positions: Just founded (49 very soon) The main goal of the guild is to help those that are interested in...
  2. xxflip

    Rest Area - Top 10 town

    Town Name: Rest Area Town Rank: TOP 10 Town Points: 801891 What classes are required: Builders (but others also welcomed) Number of Open Positions: 49 Town Descriptions: This town is located right next to Ghost Town which makes it a strategic point. All construction done on the church...
  3. xxflip

    Westgate Run

    Town Name: Westgate Run Town Rank: 1583 Town Points: 5021 What classes are required: All classes accepted but workers are preferred. Where to contact:Send message to 'xxflip' or 'shamus1969' Town Descriptions: We aim to create a nice community around this town. A place for players to learn...