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  1. bc74

    Voting World Migrating

    dont mind migrating, but want to stay with all of my friends, and do not want to go to a world in which you must pay for premium to do everything useful.
  2. bc74

    Presents & whos got ripped off the most ?

    first one i paid for, all i got was one piece of liquorice. that was enough for me. not going to be insulted any further.
  3. bc74

    Halloween quest bug (done last year)

    doing the right job, but not getting the composite sketch. therefore, i cannot duel my evil twin.
  4. bc74

    Roadmap 2011 Feedback

    granite on the other hand, not so much. 2000, 2500 are the prices on the market for 1 granite. what i am complaining about is that its driving the prices way up for everything and getting worse every day. eventually, if someone finishes a product worth 2-3 hundred, but had to pay 2000 for...
  5. bc74

    Roadmap 2011 Feedback

    my good but turning bad, and becoming ugly is crafting. the more people need a $2 glass of water, the more $#&*% out there are becoming greedy and putting these simple items on the market for $2500. i refuse to pay this, and so i am stuck doing all of these level 10 jobs all day in order to...
  6. bc74

    poker fix

    all online poker games have a timer. not real money. your characters money earned from jobs. you win, you have more money for purchases, etc. you lose.
  7. bc74

    Update: Poker comments

    oops, i posted a thread in the ideas section about this just now. didnt know there was already a topic on this. i see there are similar complaints/suggestions, however.
  8. bc74

    poker fix

    1. sound would be nice 2. the scroll bar on the right moves too fast. it lists everything that happens. who the dealer is, blind, what cards are, or if you take a pi$$. NOT NECESSARY because... 3. cards arent shown at the end so nobody knows who won, who had what hand, etc unless you...
  9. bc74

    The absence of greenhorn quest serie

    level 87 worker, world 10
  10. bc74

    This is pants

    if you arent wearing're just wearing pants.
  11. bc74

    Halloween Quests

    got the holiday item, but never received any trick, or treat quests from henry and maya.
  12. bc74

    Closed: luck

    i didnt see a section for complaints. If "they" read it, the seed has been planted...
  13. bc74

    Closed: luck

    maybe there is no good solution. i do like how some things are hard to find but if someone has been playing the game on a daily basis for a year....they should be rewarded i would think. some kind of tally on a persons character? how many hrs they have done a job, or how long they have been...
  14. bc74

    Closed: luck

    it makes the game even out, i reckon, but when i do nothing but high luck jobs for hundreds upon hundreds of hours.....and cannot find anything i need or dont already have? the game gets awfully boring. others have found the lump, note part one, etc and have taken the next steps all the way to...
  15. bc74

    World 9 Problem

    same thing just happened to me. i previously accepted path 1 on the raid, but cannot do bounty hunter yet if that makes any difference. 2.5 hour journey wasted i guess..
  16. bc74

    Should religion be illegal?

    it definitely has contributed to a lot war/death. however...if you're talking USA? That would obviously contradict what our country was founded on. Even those who dont believe in god would have to agree with me there. just as i can believe, you can choose not to. Freedom.......
  17. bc74

    JR's Movie of the Week -- "Mad Max" Trilogy (1979-81-85)

    a few other oldies but goodies: the deer hunter cool hand luke one flew over the cuckoos nest
  18. bc74

    JR's Movie of the Week -- "Mad Max" Trilogy (1979-81-85)

    Apocalypse Now= good stuff
  19. bc74

    1.28 bs?

    what did he use, a cannon?
  20. bc74

    New store feature?

    i like this update. so many of us wanted a solution to the long wait between re joining towns and this nailed it.