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  1. Adventure Abuse

    I just don't get them :)
  2. New world?!

    since briscoe they have opened worlds with big releases to the game.
  3. New world?!

    lol I guess you don't have good memory then. One update when they added pants and i think product slot or neckband they opened a new world. The next one when they changed the formula of fort battles. Another one when they changed the map and changed the times of jobs all big updates. (that if...
  4. New world?!

    When they do big update they always release a new world after always happened in the past.
  5. New world?!

    My guess will be end of this month but who knows with inno
  6. Petition for a new classic world !

    Everything is fine but the fort battles and too many new sets all they need to do is have a world without the new formula and no sets events. I think that most people with the skill set they have should do that easy and they will be rewarded by more activity mainly from old fighters. Nobody...
  7. Petition for a new classic world !

    I am in since i keep moaning about how i miss the old times since it was soo much better.
  8. International Fort Battle Championship! Discussion

    Guys we can't change anything now they have picked their team let them plan and try to win. I just hope if any other events happen it will not just be the same people in all separate events since this game does attract the inner circle that runs all worlds on this server. Also all of the people...
  9. International Fort Battle Championship! Discussion

    I think the top one is the nuggets used since they want the team to have the best sets for the advantage which i can understand.
  10. International Fort Battle Championship! Discussion

    lets be fair they have picked a very good team but it is a shame that people that been on here for years and over 2000 battles are not picked and others who has not been here as long has. However good luck to the team and the leaders got their hard work cut out with some egos in that list those.
  11. International Fort Battle Championship! Discussion

    Cool I have been told that most server has already selected their 150 fighters and send their 3 sets to support.
  12. International Fort Battle Championship! Discussion is this the group draw ?
  13. International Fort Battles Championship Entries

    CBenney Player name: CBenney World: Dakota Level: 128 Class: Adventurer Profession: Tonic Peddler Health Points: 9000- 9200hp Are you skilled for Fort Battles: Yes Online/Offline: Online Leader/Entrant: Leader If Leader, do you have Skype and willing to use it: Yes
  14. New World Name Suggestions!

    Call it FATE :)
  15. Get People back to Fort Fighting

    I think they need to help the defence side to make battles more fun the swapping in towers is lost and the die hard fighters miss that. You could make towers bigger or more bonus or get rid of gates los (or defence only). Few ideas i have is if defence wins and keeps hold of the fort they...
  16. Join Death wish town

    Hey, I will be founding a town and alliance on the first day of release. They will be primarily focussed on fort fighting. Town name: Death Wish Alliance Name: The Authority...
  17. Golden Dragon Needs a few more commited Fort fighters

    Hey everyone im the founder of Golden Dragon, We are currently looking to add 6-8 commited fort fighters :) to join our relaxed fun competitive town. We are happy to help anyone who want to learn how to fort fight or even if it from scratch ;) We have a good mix in this town that needs more...