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  1. Trades

    Got it from the market. Thanx for nothing.
  2. Open Season

    That's the game. And nobody wants to try to fix it. They just tell you to knock yourself out, which doesn't work, only if your dueled.
  3. Trades

    Does anybody have the recipe for Creating a battery for the tonic peddler. I am stalled on crafting until i get it. Please PM me if you wanna make a trade.
  4. Bonus from TITLES

    I have found titles to be fun to earn but overly useless afterwards. this definitely should happen.

    I Concur, Sailor quest comes to mind. I love this Idea and this game needs it.
  6. Downgrades

    Why not just sell the upgrades to new players?

    So they are attacking player built towns? if so sound horrible. Abuse at a whole new level.
  8. crafting

    Would make life easier and not have to rely on so called townmates to supply you with needed items.
  9. New adventure game mode "free for all"

    I just want new adventures and am down for this. throw some zombies into the mix too
  10. What are you listening to?

    DISCO!!! I HAVE THE FEVER!!! Thanx Taco Bell.
  11. No Dueling Server(Casual Play)

    I feel i shouldn't have to KO myself to not be dueled & its only 72 hours, which it doesn't say anywhere that I'm aware of how much time is left. Also not for the near professional player but Casual Player that want to complete the quest and not have to wait eight hour just after starting a job...
  12. No Dueling Server(Casual Play)

    Standard Idea Form Proposal Creating a "No Dueling Server(Casual Play)" or have arenas for duelers. (i guarantee no one will ever be there.) Or have a player V Player button that can be switched off. dueling should also be called stealing because that's what it is. Details there I was...