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  1. Big Scammer

    everyone who reads take care. An player in Idaho named overdose likes to scam while you trade with him ;) Best regards, JD
  2. Duel honour

    I have been playing for a while here, But I do not know what kind of duel counts honorable in the mortician? It's urgent and want to know the answer thx
  3. Additional Chat Room

    Ty Junkz :D
  4. Additional Chat Room

    Ty , btw how to share and let others join?
  5. Additional Chat Room

    I hope I have explained clearly and really want to know everyone"s thoughts about this
  6. Additional Chat Room

    Howdy players from the west, last few days I have spoken with some players in Idaho , and most of them agree with an idea to have an additional chat room for trading only. The main reason is that sending WTB/WTS a item on the Saloon frequently is kind of spamming and annoy most players who...
  7. Christmas Trade

    I noticed the saloon is full of spam and cannot read it all, so i created this thread for everyone , who want to post the trade you want to make. Good luck
  8. Count to 10,000

    8374 Someone still studying and have thought to pursue a higher education after college graduation?
  9. What are you listening to?

    Country music for sure :D And a little bit addicted too - Sixteen by Thomas Rhett
  10. No Dueling Server(Casual Play)

    there will be not so much fun without dueling.....
  11. Count to 10,000

    8360 keep going guys