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  1. Lucky Cro

    Spooky fort battle review

    Than would be good to consider that not always same worlds have same battle start. so far we had 3 Awesomia battles dug by "Henry". On first battle, for all servers they started within few minutes. Nest two battles had designated start time, same on both times. If you're so keen to indulge all...
  2. Lucky Cro

    collector cards bug

    Stamps and seeds are both shown as pictures in collecting achievements and only difference is that collected ones have black edge around the picture
  3. Lucky Cro

    Contest Feedback

    I very much enjoyed solving this puzzle... But it wasn't easy and that made it much more enjoyable!! Thanks for doing this event and for fun!
  4. Lucky Cro

    Can't upload image to Town

    And for most... it is better to today delete old logo pic and wait 24 hrs to upload new pic... Same thing happens with forts and placing up a new pic up on fort... (and later on i never cleared cache before retry... delete old, set new it up tmrw works)... i came up to a conclusion it isn't my...
  5. Lucky Cro

    New Crafting 2.0 already broken?

    Real Aprils first joke would of been if quest worked... no bugs at all...
  6. Lucky Cro

    Buffs Need to be Re-Designed

    So... what you're actually saying... No craft item should contain items made by ANY other craft....
  7. Lucky Cro

    2nd Avatar of Valentine Event is Bugged?

    It's under Accessories... try refreshing page if you have just received
  8. Lucky Cro

    2.x typos, bad translations and text errors

    It's short for "high couture", that this sets are hahahah (sorry this joke was too tempting to resist posting)
  9. Lucky Cro

    Can't load after 254

    When it gets stuck on loading like that just hit refresh page and it will load fully...
  10. Lucky Cro

    Chef Weapon Set

    Bottom line in this discussion is... there is just too many sets, too many clothes... we barely get to wear them and by time we can sell event sets new event is already starting... With this increase in clothes added, at least than bring it back to origin and lets us sell / buy event items...
  11. Lucky Cro

    Not a bug Achievement "A very rare colt!" unobtainable

    When did you finish Shiny colt questline, Monoxi? Before or after 2.84 update (on August 28th 2018) and this achievement being added with this update? In all worlds i have completed this questline when it got released (ofc long before this achievement update) in my Achievements it shows as...
  12. Lucky Cro

    Town Cinema

    My bad ...Miw won questline contest, not video one This were contest winners... no3 one would actually be great as commercial for game! As in slightly shorten versions no1 and no2 would be fun in...
  13. Lucky Cro

    Town Cinema

    I wonder why Miw's video about west is not included into cinema... as i remember when contest was about it, it was said winners video will be included into cinema... but i could also remember wrongly...
  14. Lucky Cro

    New West point repeatable

    Is there a bug with last step that should give 1 SP into Animal instinct? I hear some didn't get that last step from sheriff in saloon....
  15. Lucky Cro

    FOOTBALL CONTEST ups...that line slipped of my fingers.....
  16. Lucky Cro

    New West point repeatable

    So... this means... bug on step 3 will be / should be fixed on 10th of July ...from that date we have 21 day to finish whole questline?! YES or NO? Does that also mean that time frame for repeatable is different than doing it first time? Ans is it like that for other repeatable questlines? If...
  17. Lucky Cro

    Minecraft inside TheWest??

    ...wait till you find *******, pink unicorn and crops in field haha
  18. Lucky Cro

    New West point repeatable

    Yup... that is what happened to me, remembered later... i got second step this morning!! Now waiting for 3rd step fix also... BTW... will there be extent time for completing this repeatable questline since there are: 21 hrs of jobbing, 1 sleep and fortbattle completed from 3rd step till...
  19. Lucky Cro

    the legendary golden sabre quest line

    Few questlines had that type of "time frame" ... and when you start doing questline that time frame will show you date of when you actually do that step. But also, you can accept it today in that 4am - 10 am window and finish it tmrw during that same time... ignore date
  20. Lucky Cro

    The Brain Farts - Brainstorm of ideas here

    Here is an idea... and hope you like it... As much as like this new Shiny Gold weapons (Colt and Sabre so far, Rifle to be gotten)... at same time i very much dislike losing old gold weapons! At start of Shiny Colt questline, till part it got lost from my inventory i really thought we get to...