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  1. New repeatable day of the dead

    In-game name: william todd Affected worlds: Alamogordo and Dakota, so far Browser: chrome Type of Bug: repeatable holiday quest day of the dead Description: the quest list is 7 tomatoes, cloth, berries and puma skin but shining shoes is supposed to be the next quest but it stops with fool's...
  2. candied orange and fish in newspaper

    is the halloween quest candied orange and stinky fish, trick or treat quest repeatable, I can't get them to drop. I did them last year?
  3. honey and distillate

    what jobs do i need to do to find the honey and distillate needed for "summer time" thanks
  4. White Fabric and White Wreaths

    white fabric and white wreaths, where to find?
  5. new Sleepyhead items

    right now we are missing a sleepyhead riding animal and pants. so two new simple mid-level(50) quests for a big fluffy sheep and leggings. the quests can be determined later if people are interested completed sleepy set
  6. world to world money tranfer

    is it possible to transfer money from one world to yourself on another world?
  7. All job build

    I saw and read threads on the forum but they are pre-update ver. 2 so is it possible to have an all jobs build with the current version?
  8. say a little pray.....

    If you believe all dogs go to heaven please say a pray for my little dog Patches. She was 8 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes last week she had been drinking a lot of water for about 6 months but the vet wasn't too concerned until she got very sick last week and and at that time she was...
  9. Horse Reins

    Could someone who has horse reins please put a pair on the market. I need them to continue the trails of spirits quest I'm not rich so 5k for one horse reins.
  10. Hope Dies Last, Purse

    Exploration, gold coin equipped no other requirements just spent 200 energy and no purse found, either a bug or very bad luck. World Dakota.
  11. polished glass possible bug

    Trying to get polished glass while working at white water transport. I bought work instructions times 10 to be over 201+ points. It is no particular world it is Beta, world 11, Colorado and El Dorado so I was zero for 40 hours. This might just be very bad luck or a possible bug.
  12. filtered water, the myth

    server time 20-22, jug of water equipped, positive labor points, coal mining and 80 energy points wasted and no drop of filtered water. world Dakota
  13. Laundry Baskets.....Colorado and Dakota

    I'll still getting Laundry baskets on other worlds but they stopped dropping on Colorado and Dakota last week. Also on Colorado "hint to kidnapper" didn't drop in 30 hours of working as Sheriff with piece of cloth attached and 200 plus labor points. I'm not sure if these are bugs or not but I've...
  14. Market Want Listings

    Proposal I would like to suggest a new tab, that tab would be wanted items a lot of people myself included don't bother selling stuff on the market because there is no guarantee of a sell. Current Workaround You sell an item on the market pay a fee and if it doesn't sell you can try to...
  15. not getting Duel credit

    On Dakota doing quest "wanted persons caught" I defeated the person that was within my range(76-79) ko the person in question baadsha and still didn't get the credit for catching the wanted person. It's hard enough for an adventurer to duel once and win neverless twice and not get killed...
  16. Reskill Advice

    I've got the golden colt and saber so I feel I no longer needed 100 points in vigor so I reset my skill points and I now have 256 free. I was thinking about 100 into shooting and 100 into hiding and the rest in FMS. I'm a level 72 adventurer and my goal is do various jobs as soon as possible and...
  17. fort battle particapation

    I was on world 11 and traveled to the fort an hour before the start when the battle started I could see the battle unfold around me but I disappeared I though I was maybe a reserve or killed in round 1 when I wasn't looking but 56 rounds later the battle ended and it said I wasn't involved in...
  18. unauthorized nugget use

    I woke up this morning and discovered that 50 nuggets on Fairbank was used for 2 weeks character bonus. I might have accidentally bought the 2 week bonus but I doubt it very seriously. Yesterday I used 2 free premium shields if this has only happened to me then I spent the nuggets and didn't...
  19. Scavenger Hunt...Riddle Quests

    Proposal I have a idea for a new quest line "scavenger hunt" it starts with getting a clue from Henry or Maya.... to do a certain job that is hinted at each job will give new clue until all 20 clues have been found and the reward will be 2000 exp points and 20 bonds for 20 hours of work. Much...
  20. Quest locations will not close

    Since the update quest location like the outpost will not close. If you click it again the outpost will open again but not close. Snake canyon and ghost town will close. Outpost only bug.