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  1. A World without 2.0

    So, has anyone thought up or talked about having a new single world without 2.0? Is this possible? Would players enjoy this? MM2099
  2. Bounty Achievement

    I just collected a bounty and my # of bounties did not increase. I previously had 19 and still have 19 bounties collected only. Anyone have any thoughts? This is the second time this has happened that I am aware of. MM2099
  3. Inventory

    Out of curiosity who else out there has mega inventories. Please post your links here :)!
  4. * next to market item

    So, I figured someone would post or ask, but what the heck does the * next to an item mean?
  5. Minor update today?

    So, it looked like another small hotfix/minor update/bug fix (or whatever happened), occurred today again. Is there anywhere we can see what it fixed? MM2099
  6. Sam Hawken's Knife

    Proposal Remake Sam Hawken's Knife the way it was prior a recent hotfix. Old way was 110-190 DMG melee and +20 trading with fort stats +1 Fort Attack/Defense and +1 Damage/Attack/Defense Fort Sector - New way 110-140 DMG melee and +20 trading with fort stats +1 Fort Attack/Defense and +1...
  7. New Hotfixes/Updates

    Proposal Quit updating game without notification to the players with a decent notice of at least 2 weeks. (Unless critical update is needed to maintain stability of game or bug fix) Current Workaround None, we are surprised to see random changes to the game, sometimes good, sometimes not so...
  8. Latest HOTFIX - WTF?

    What is up with these hotfixes? Can they not actually put a memo showing what has changed. Of course the Recipes have already been called out...but has anyone else read the PREMIUM CHEST DESCRIPTION? "THIS CHEST CONTAINS RARE, PRECISE, and FANCY ITEMS as WELL AS SOME SPECIAL RECIPES"...
  9. What a crock

    Okay, I have to go on record to share my thoughts about how CRAPPY the end solution is for spending months crafting to get the top level items... LAME! Although I am a collector and would probably wait for someone to achieve this then buy it from...
  10. Auctionable Items

    Proposal Make Rudolph Auctionable, but not Golden Ass or Ostrich Current Workaround Nope Details Rudolph is one of the only items in the collector's set that there is at this point no concrete way to obtain. It seems based on loose evidence that even William Tilghman's belt is more rare...
  11. Posting Market Items

    In-game name: MightyMouse2099 Affected worlds: W13 - Arizona - have not tested elsewhere Browser: Mozilla - Have not tested elsewhere Type of Bug: (Select from below.) Market Description: I have found items that are not offering me to post in bulk auction. Most of them have worked so far...
  12. Request Market Script

    Anyone updating/making a new market script for mass buys/pickups?
  13. Market Scripts

    Anyone have a new market script for mass pick up? 1.35 added mass posting of items...but what about buying/picking up?
  14. Valentines Bouquets

    NOOB ALERT!... Can this be repeated this year if you did it last year? AND Do you get the bouquets by performing a specific job? MM2099
  15. rudolph?

    So I am sure there are like 50 other threads...but is there any proof of rudolph being found in a STEEL LINED BOX....I know that the UNIQUE CHEST (steel lined look-a-like) had them in there, but is there any proof of a steel lined? MM2099
  16. P&P Shift in players

    Did anyone else notice the shift from 11.5K users to 6.6K users?