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  1. A World without 2.0

    So, has anyone thought up or talked about having a new single world without 2.0? Is this possible? Would players enjoy this? MM2099
  2. The (Old) West World Records

    Awesome! :) great job!
  3. The (Old) West World Records

    The max # of difficult recipes able to be made is 550 before the 600s start....could still be working on his 500 recipes...
  4. The (Old) West World Records

    I was just agreeing with you...but I want the last word on the subject!:P MM2099
  5. The (Old) West World Records

    This is correct, but more specifically the key 3 is like the recipes and I would suggest are considered product finds to a degree which technically are unlimited. MM2099
  6. The (Old) West World Records

    I do not think this is a bug? You found a fancy buckle belt at 2700 which is prob in your range. There has never been a true definition that key 3 was only found if you have 7500 luck + in the job because many with non premium have gotten the key before with low luck. The only thing we have...
  7. The (Old) West World Records

    :blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink: I humbly bow to your greatness in the realm of sleeping! :P I will retain my money records though :)! :no: MM2099
  8. The (Old) West World Records

    Green Recipes W13 - 310 Also I have Number of Recipes learned (which is pointless as of right now 22 is max...) - Prob delete that line :) Crafted critical 127 - Although I feel a more realistic record is % of luck of critical vs total green/grey crafted items :) just a though. MM2099
  9. The (Old) West World Records

    @rebow - that first SS also has most SLEPT in one GO - 25
  10. The (Old) West World Records

    Okay rebow it is so time for you to update haha :)! Amount deposited into the bank 23,087,594 Highest amount deposited into the bank 11,554,214 And slept in one go - 25 And Most Spent on one Market Item? Not sure if this is a record, I will let the MOB decide :).
  11. stolen / lost gold nuggets

    I would also suggest when you contact support, try to be less demanding and I have a feeling they will work with you if something is wrong on your part and not the game. I am sure the attitude you take in trying to resolve this issue may affect the outcome if for whatever reason the issue did...
  12. West 2.0 discussion

    I just saw an option for W16...although it leads now where :)
  13. The (Old) West World Records about them world records? MM2099 :cool:
  14. The (Old) West World Records

    As I depart shortly I figured I would add a few more records. MM2099
  15. New bond shop - what did you get in a box?

    Key 3 in steel?
  16. A new world?

    A whole new world....
  17. A new world?

    I think a migration happened recently to cut down the amount of worlds...I am not speaking for Inno, but I am sure they probably want to wait to see how the existing worlds last before creating a whole new world. MM2099
  18. Resolved Camel

    This is why the rules are so gray. This is no different than someone buying products or finding products and selling them at cost to a town member. And yes I don't see how it is okay to loan out an item which not considered pushing since as the rule states: Specifically, a player may not...
  19. West 2.0 discussion

    I agree...the idea behind shortening things makes the game become a RTS versus a community relaxing game...oh well I am sure I won't be here to see it evolve :). MM2099
  20. Website - English support

    I don't think it ever was suppose to be bought here, but at one point Da Twista accidentally turned it on for sale for like one day. MM2099