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  1. Florence Welch

    500 bonds letter

    I didn´t login to one of my worlds for few days and when I did, I got a black letter with 500 bonds. Did this happen to anyone else and how long were you inactive before you received the bonds?
  2. Florence Welch

    New Fairbank Login Issue

    Can´t login to the server. And even when I finally manage to login, keep getting bad luck msg and that my login identity was changed.
  3. Florence Welch

    Efficient Easter egg container

    I would like to ask if we will receive in the shops an option to buy Efficient Easter egg container, item which is producing 2500 eggs/day and is available on Beta and other language servers?
  4. Florence Welch

    Innogames TV episode (discussion)

    The new episode for February is out and no mention of The West for 3rd episode in the row. :mad: There is no new roadmap. The 2015 roadmap was published only for Q1 and even that was not realized. The last update was in mid December. No news about the future plans. The game will cease to exist? :(
  5. Florence Welch

    Fireworks Event

    It's not possible to check the prizes on event screen. Some other players reported the same problem.
  6. Florence Welch

    Happy Bday The West!

    I would like to thank The West team for organizing exp boosting event for The West Bday! :) It was a lot of fun and wish we would have such events more often. :) Happy Bday The West! :)
  7. Florence Welch

    Increase Golden Gun damage

    Since the upgrade feature was introduced to the game, it´s quite easy to upgrade even lower level precise guns so that they have bigger damage than golden gun. I think it would be a good idea to increase the average damage of golden gun to compensate a bit for the increased damage of new...
  8. Florence Welch

    Recommended Server

    Is there any chance to have El Dorado as recommended server any time soon? The total number of players is less then 3000 which is quite bad for the youngest server. The fort fights are hardly filled, there are not that many active duelers and the total activity is very low. Also, some GM...
  9. Florence Welch

    New server

    I would like to know if there is any chance to have the opening of the new .net server any time soon. It's nice to have the recommended servers for the new players but it would be more fun to have the new server released every year. I find it surprising that most of the west servers are...
  10. Florence Welch

    Loot Chests

    Hi guys, I'd like to know what kind of items can be found in the loot chests besides the outlaw gear, potions and steel linen chests so if anyone could make some kind of the shortlist. :) Flo