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  1. International Fort Battles Championship Entries

    Player name: RONTOO World: 12 Level: 150 Class: Soldier Profession: Blacksmith Health Points: 6300-12500 hp Are you skilled for Fort Battles: Yes Online/Offline: both Leader/Entrant: Entrant
  2. trail of the spirits

    Likewise I beat all of the 3 infected, but do not know where to go from there. Last mission was to tie up the infected with barbed wire. Did that, the headed to Waupee's village. Although I adorned the Indian garb, did not allow me to duel the sheriff (mainly because he was still in the...
  3. Up for hire! Bidding

    I would go $2 Million for Sofa!
  4. Up for hire! Bidding

    I'll bid $750K for Sofaticia...W12.
  5. The Plan - Weekly draw rules and discussion

    How about special items like the Rocketin' Turtle, Gatling, Geronimo's Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, etc. for a few Elite Prizes? 'Just a thought... By the way, is there an easy way to find out what week we are in, or does it go by Julian Date/week (starting January 1st)?
  6. Blacksmith Petition against the Shop

    Agreein' with ye', wholeheartedly. Had "The Shop" come out prior to crafting abilities, this wouldn't be an issue. However, it did NOT and this is an issue (especially to those that peddle their wares). After all, collecting products and resources to make buffs and other items takes time, and...
  7. IIGC - Public Vote!

    #2 Although I liked #2, the fact that it displays Happy New Years, not Year (on the saloon) made me change my mind. Sad, isn't it?:(