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  1. Adventures discussion and feedback

    Which level. Dueling, character or adventure?
  2. Adventures discussion and feedback

    Why is the health on my character in the game not the same as the my character in the adventure? It's like 2000 points lower.
  3. I am drunk and SOOO mad at Wogon dude...

    Yeah!!! The idea from KZ Mona worked! I did dangerous jobs, and lowered my health just under my current dueling damage level, and I defeated him! Yahoo!!! Thank you. :)
  4. Daily Tasks/Repeatable Quests

    request help Thank you!!!
  5. Daily Tasks/Repeatable Quests

    I have a favor to ask. If anyone is working on the Quest "Black Mountains" and gets to the sub quest "What's That Smell?", could they please copy and paste the message here following completion. I made the mistake of completing the sub quest "Supplies" first, and lost the other quest's message...
  6. Gone With the Valentine's Day quest with Scarlett

    Update Never find, found it! :)
  7. Gone With the Valentine's Day quest with Scarlett

    Please Help!!! Does anyone know which job needs to be completed in order to find the eavesdropper who ran into the yellow grain field?
  8. Deadwood City is reruiting

    Town Name: Deadwood City Town Rank: 522 Town Points: 10290 What classes are required: Open to all *Female Players Preferred* Number of Open Positions: 9 Town Descriptions/current building levels: Town Hall - lv7 Market - lv1 Residences - lv2 Bank - lv5 (9% Deposit fee) Hotel - lv3...