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  1. Rare items are not.

    id like to see them gone too along with potions
  2. improve adventurer's class bonuses

    It would be great to see advents get a better deal all round.. Most advents i know are done within a few rounds now with the high damage workers and duellers do..I also think the exp needs to be looked at as we get very little exp from FFs while damagers and tanks get lion share.. Seems very...
  3. Adventure loot drop .

    The drop rate does seem lower these days..
  4. Adventure play style confusion

    Still so many different styles in play it does get confusing!!
  5. Resigned to death - A tale of the living...

    Hahahahaha Loving the Tie :P Thanks
  6. Resigned to death - A tale of the living...

    i didnt manage one either lol
  7. Rules Revisions - Discussion thread

    It would be amazing to see clarification on Lulu's points as i would be interested in the answer's too regarding duelling and fort fighting ..
  8. Ban the arranged draw.

    Thats good we have been asking for months for confirmation of the rules in adventures :)
  9. Butch cassidy's set

    I wouldn't recommend buying any of the class set's.. Save your bonds/gold and use them for the next event's where no doubt they will have good sets again or wait for Christmas like diss said :)
  10. Sleepyhead set items not upgradeable

    Okay sorry well for example i have 9 hats, no-one buys them on market where i play so would be much better to be able to upgrade them :) rather than them just sitting in inventory :) hope that's clearer
  11. Sleepyhead set items not upgradeable

    Would be if it were as it's pretty much unsalable
  12. Adventure play style confusion

    Sadly he isn't the only one who is difficult to play with, There are those who take great delight in pointing out every mistake you may make. Despite that the game play may not come so naturally for some. Does that mean they shouldn't play to appease those ego's? Despite enjoying playing. But...
  13. Adventure play style confusion

    Here is hoping they will improve things :)
  14. Adventure play style confusion

    Great post!! It would be wonderful to see new rules posted and a better way of making the team's :)
  15. Adventures discussion and feedback

    It would be good to see better system for making teams more fair ;)
  16. Adventures discussion and feedback

    Hahahaha I'm outgunned all the time... You being one of the big guns you just aren't as used to it lol ;)
  17. Adventure play style confusion

    I don't know you and didn't want to be involved in any way to you making your point... whatever it actually was isnt important to me... and you weren't very clear someone said on this post oh sound like they were playing draw.... I don't want to be associated with any mention of draw games...
  18. Adventure play style confusion

    I wish that were true.. there is still a lot who want to play draw and get very annoyed if they cant
  19. Adventures discussion and feedback

    Yep that's only difference I've actually noticed too :)