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  1. International Fort Battle Championship, Part 2! - Discussion!

    I tried to change my password, but still didn't get the any answer on my E-mail. Never had issues with The West e-mails before.
  2. Free codes - Get yours now!

    one premium chest for me,thank you.
  3. Free codes - Get yours now!

  4. Valentines day event 2015

  5. Valentines day event 2015

    Romeo's set +0.185 Strenght (per level) Mobility +0.185 (per level) Dexterity +0.185 (per level) Charisma +0.185 (per level) Stamina +0.4 (per level) +0.4 Hiding (per level) +0.4 Motor skills (per level) +0.4 Tactics (per level) Riding +0.4 (per level) + 20% experience points (work...
  6. Valentines day event 2015

    no hearts from adventures?
  7. Submitted Lover's set

    No, new set is coming...bartender's set if I'm correct...
  8. Submitted Lover's set

    This proposal was submitted one year ago, but it wasnt implemented at the game.Its a shame...many players still want to complete that set.
  9. Pirate invasion on W1

  10. countdown timer for battles

    At Colorado , timer showing 22 hours left till the battle begins. But for real its only 10 hours left.Its not a first time i noticed this.Is this a bug or its something with my PC? :)
  11. Adventures discussion and feedback

    From my side, biggest problem of this game is you simple cannot win if you have one or more offliners in your team.Doesnt matter how good tactic is, you cant replace one missing body at crucial places.I play many adventures so far...with team stronger on paper , and with weaker too, with cannons...
  12. Gonzales' Speedstar set?

    ahhh...that explain the name ;)
  13. Gonzales' Speedstar set?

    I just saw this cool looking new set at TW-DB with crazy bonuses.Anyone know how to get that set?
  14. Oktoberfest - 2014

    And what about potions of new beginning? Any news from developers about that issue?
  15. New items have been added to the Union Pacific Shop - Discussion thread

    oh... so i need to sharpen my clairvoyant powers then :D
  16. New items have been added to the Union Pacific Shop - Discussion thread

    being KO-d at the job..bought new indian necklace for revival...equip it...and NOTHING happened :) I refresh the browser, but that didnt help too...i guess i throw away 50 bonds..
  17. The West World Records 6

  18. Lead a trade office job

    Anyone unlocked all 5 golden pickaxes at lead trading office?Is that even possible without LP buffs?
  19. The West World Records 6

    No,it isnt
  20. The West World Records 6

    Tnx. Its from the Briscoe, btw.