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  1. The West 2013 or "Quo vadis, Inogames?"

    OOO but ur wrong Pankreas....the inactivity of palyers is a lot bigger and the number of players a lot smaller:D
  2. Christmas tombola

    The game is free...but to get pleasure u need to pay.That is how it works in real life to :D. The problem is that this game is really unfair.....lets see how the numbers will go down after this tombola....when many of there multi accounts will disapear and when real players will be gone.
  3. The Plan - Weekly draw rules and discussion

    Nop...this si the right place.I simply do not like that ppl get ridiculos amounts of cash that they do not deserve.U can't tell me that u can't see how this didn;t destroyed the market on Dakota....u just made them full of cash and they can buy absolutly everything from the market.There items...
  4. The Plan - Weekly draw rules and discussion

    I am the one who is agaisnt this if u didn;t got it....i simply hate it cuz this lottery destroyed the new world.I haven't paly it and never willl...i am one of those taht read the forum and won;t give u a cent on this stupid event.So u suck it! Cuz of the money from this lottery most of the...
  5. The Plan - Weekly draw rules and discussion

    May i ask how winners are pick?? I see ppl that have won it 2 times until now....what is the critiria for picking the winner of the top prize? And i would like to know when this even will end to....this even already destroyed the market on the new world(Dakota)....and from what ic palyers that...
  6. Christmas tombola

    If u spin it 500 times u will get it everything. But what i like about those mega nugget eaters is that they already have everything they want.....and what else they have as a double they put it on the market at very very high prices.But what they don;t understand is that the normal players...
  7. Allan Quatermain's Set

    So it doesn't influence the products?
  8. Allan Quatermain's Set

    I ahve a question about this 50% luck of his....this emans that i will get 50% more dropable items and products?or only items....or it will incress the luck at my items and i can get better stuffs?
  9. Gold and Silver job scripts

    Ban them ....ban them i say :D
  10. Christmas tombola

    Yes....the tombola it's only about luck.In a way i am really sry cuz now i can't pick on anyone for the crap that i got.O w8...i can pick on my bad luck :)))
  11. Christmas tombola

    on Colorado on all 5 days i got that stupid christmas present.Freeby or not ths year Santa it's out of my friends list:D.Give something good or will start picking on the mods/devs agan....o w8....lets not forget Hellstorm :P
  12. Football bat

    Da Twista will may want to here when will u delete ur chars to :))))
  13. Christmas tombola

    U got the full set from 1 try?U can get the entire set from 1 lucky try?
  14. Christmas tombola

    Thx guys...see u all on w1 where i will sell my items very expensive :P
  15. Christmas tombola

    There is a lvl limit to this event? If i start on w1 now would i be able to participate?
  16. Christmas tombola

    I really like this part: At the end of the event the player with the most plays on each world will get all three new item sets as a special reward for free. I was under the impresion that Inno ppl are very stupid.....guys i am wrong.They are very very smart.I am the stupid one here cuz i still...
  17. Advent Calendar 2012

    So the only thing that we will get from the calendar this year it's products for that lame lvl 30 set? and ofc a sledge at the end???
  18. Reimburse players with a free AP\SP reset

    I would love to see somehting like this ....but after seeing what in going on lately i won't raise my hopes that much.The old worlds are losing players like hell,while on Dakota we have 25k players of which the first lvl 10 it's 5k ranked player. I vote yes but it's a waist of vote and space on...
  19. Church building exp

    Zeta man...are u mad cuz u lost ur top rank? Why don't u do the same thing as they do?Or u prefer to nugget for a silver/gold job from one part of the map to another?U want to get cool items and hard products and be on top at the same time.Well what do u know?....V.2 doesn't let u do it.Exactly...
  20. West 2.0 discussion

    3 Potato's......should i say more or it's enough?:)))) Thank u INno...thx a lot....i always wanted to be able to have my very own popatos....u made it happen.:))))