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  1. Opening items

    It would be good if we could open multiple of the same items at one time. For example you have 100 bag with a common product instead of clicking open 100 times maybe you could shift click to open all at once? Vertitude
  2. Cant start independance day qust

    Any reason why I cant start the questline on Colorado yet other worlds I can start ok? Thanks Vertitude
  3. Tiger Town

    Bourbon City are Recruiting new members Please message Vertitude or Kahboose in game for invite Regards Vertitude
  4. Looking for Town

    HI I am pure builder lvl 89 looking to join town/alliance to help build forts Regards Vertitude
  5. Looking to join town

    HI I am pure builder lvl 89 looking to join town/alliance to help build forts
  6. Resolved Dodging pure spec

    is there a list of jobs for this spec anywhere? Thanks
  7. Resolved Song book

    Is it possible for pure builder to get the song book? or will i need to start putting all my points into appearance to allow Evangelizing? Thanks
  8. OLD NO7 Recruiting

    Howdy Are you looking for a town? Then look no further than the OLD NO7. The town with the best Whiskey in The West. You want to join to help the town build and grow or just for the Whiskey? Just send me Telegram and ill get back to you. Regards Vertitude
  9. Ghost Town

    Hi I have just taken charge of a ghost town but it wont let me upload my own logo even though it tells me i have uploaded it succsessfully. is there a way round this? thanks
  10. Class quests

    Why cant each class have there own quests? IE: upto lvl 10 all quests are same. then whichever class you choose depends on what quests you need to do. You would get same xp/money for all the quests just the jobs would be more suited to your class. I cant see the need for a soldier to tend...
  11. Town guide

    Is there a town building guide anywhere? Sorry if there is one but i cant find it Thanks
  12. The Lions Den

    The Lions Den Greetings All The Lions Den is a newley formed town, we are currently looking for new members to join our ranks and build the town. All Classes needed Anyone intrested PM Vertitude, Kahboose or P34nut for invite or more information Regards Vertitude
  13. Placate shaman

    if i purchased Placate shaman what would it give me? i know its to do with my skills been changed but what changes etc? Thanks
  14. Resolved: Changing Names Question

    not sure if asked before. just wondered why you cant use a different name or pick a name when join a new world?
  15. Job lists

    Would be nice if we could get a list of jobs we can currently do for our level rather than having to look around for new jobs
  16. looking for town

    Lvl 18 Adventurer looking for new town. message me in game
  17. Divinity

    Divinity is currently recruiting all Classes. Message for Invite
  18. Fort Muller Recruiting

    Hi all We are a fast growing town. We currently have lvl 2 hotel. A tailor and general store. we intend to keep growing as much as possible. Do you wish to help? Send me a telegram in game Thanks Vertitude
  19. Looking for town

    Hi All I am currently lvl 8 and looking for a growing town to join. Send me a telegram if your town fits the bill. Vertitude
  20. Fort Muller needs you!!!

    Callling all people who wish to join a growing town. We offfer free sleepovers and good shops send me a telegram in game Thanks Vertitude