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  1. ShadowBandit

    Rejected Multies

    well said mus
  2. ShadowBandit

    -The Fighters-

    -The Fighters- is an Epic Town where there is free cookies :3 Activity isn't mandatory. :( We Are a growing town.
  3. ShadowBandit

    Rejected Multies

    Multi Rocks :D it annoys people and makes people rage quit.
  4. ShadowBandit

    Fort fight button greyed out?

    it is now lv25
  5. ShadowBandit

    Rejected Multies

    And in a game and real life here's what i'll say: TOO BAD!
  6. ShadowBandit

    Bale of cotton?

    i see...
  7. ShadowBandit

    Founder Status Join My town

    We need workers, soldiers, and dueler. Royalty Family.
  8. ShadowBandit

    I think I'll need some folks in my town

    Update my town have 10 members and 61000's build point
  9. ShadowBandit

    Famous - Powerful Alliance List

    UNITY? Join Western Force or Game Changer or even I Hit Like A Girl. Towns I say to join are towns in WF, GC , IHLAG, and a few of UNITY but UNity is not the alliance to join
  10. ShadowBandit

    New Town - SeaLabia

    never heard of it
  11. ShadowBandit

    Wants to join Alliance

    it probably dead now
  12. ShadowBandit

    Founder Status Join My town

    Search ShadowBandit and telegram me also the name changes
  13. ShadowBandit

    Famous - Powerful Alliance List

    Fort Fighters can go to WFA or GC are new alliance and are basically the growing alliances Duelists can go to APJ or AlleHagenMe say.