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  1. New Recipes Drop Rate (Level 650+)

    it seems , 1 hour jobs did not work well , i experienced the only better way to find them are doing 15 sec job continuesly with +70 % motivation cus found more new recipes for now during that way ... also doing trading office right now to get any extra new recipe and make money from market :D ps...
  2. New Recipes Drop Rate (Level 650+)

    got blacksmith 650 recipe yesterday after around +15 day done of 15 sec job , around 16 hour per day :D
  3. Website - English support

    new recipes also plz :)
  4. New world - choose a name

    why make new world ? make money ? anyway inno make money each 1-2 month in events , news sets , nugget sets ... new worlds kill older ones :/ make some action about Designing new things for game , make something for fort battles can be good idea , older players will be more active , new players...
  5. Bonus Code Giveaway!

    twista got to sllep :D
  6. Bonus Code Giveaway!

    lucky :D LOL
  7. Bonus Code Giveaway!

    golden buffalo for me
  8. LAST tombola sets

    any news when last tombola sets will be auctionable ? like strangers set and ... ?
  9. Colorado pretty Dead?

    think just dead in duel ...
  10. Awesomia down

    502 Bad Gateway
  11. International Fort Battles Championship Entries

    Player name: C0OPeR World: colorado Level: 150 Class: soldier Profession: Blacksmith Health Points: 20630 Are you skilled for Fort Battles: Yes Online/Offline: online Leader/Entrant: Entrant ( i am offline mostly in fort battles in last 4-5 month in my world cus , i lost my interesting after...
  12. Bouquets

    i work 1 hour on pickeng berries , no chance to get any for now :|
  13. Duelling changes - The West Beta!

    which gear and buffs ?! except events higher nugget use prize ? :|
  14. Duelling changes - The West Beta!

    i can just say , developer make this game bul with make duel level 450 ! if anybody duel just for exp , must reskill for something another cus when you reach level 450 , this means max 2700 exp for you ...
  15. Duelling changes - The West Beta!

    one question : now everyone will be duel level 450 ! this means max exp for 450 for 450 are 2700 exp ??? while before higher duel level player got more exp ! in my mind duel ranking table are not fair now cus people got huge duel exp untill now and after now , people will get small exp :|
  16. Duelling changes - The West Beta!

    +1000 from me for all these changes ( all of them ) good work and hope we see all these things very soon in .net servers ...
  17. New items have been added to the Union Pacific Shop - Discussion thread

    there is damage buff ... there is defence , attack buff for fort battle !!!! so why there is not any resistans buff in shop for fort battle ?!
  18. What am I?

    for me rubbish cloth :|
  19. Can't login

    game are full of bug it seems ! dont know what is the problem but it refresh automatic while i am in game