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  1. Submitted Bond Conversion

    I think elmyr is right, if they really viewed bonds as a competition to nuggets they would've never let the highest reward in tambola's be below the bond cap, because i bet there are some who used bonds to get their full sets, etc. Thats alot of revenue loss for inno imho. Ps. I hope they...
  2. Umbria Recruiting

    Look at you sater :P
  3. Why allowing migration to dakota is a bad idea

    Completely agree with zeta here, as it is its hard for non premium's to get their hands on named set's with the migration, you'll see many of those non prem's leaving due to the handicap you'll be putting on them.
  4. The Removal of the Stacking Bonus: Blessing or Curse?

    Victor Kruger.. Everything you said just clicked.. agree.. fully
  5. The Removal of the Stacking Bonus: Blessing or Curse?

    So your trying to tell me. Defenders should be relying on a mistake by the attackers to win? What point are you trying to prove?
  6. The Removal of the Stacking Bonus: Blessing or Curse?

    dude more than half of the battles you just showed us had just a handfull attackers compared to the defenders only the three battles you just mentioned above were full fledged attacks. The general at suddenly dell was seriously out of his mind..(mistake) You realize we had 140 people signed up...
  7. Rejected Fort battle map : sectors/fields numbers

    Beeing a lil more precise WONT be any harm
  8. The Removal of the Stacking Bonus: Blessing or Curse?

    What succesfull defences are you talking about dude? did you see yesterday's battle? Paranormal activity was crushed cuz of the GG bonus. WE DID OUR BEST IMHO. BEST I CALL IT. but as i said before.. defences are next to impossible now. they CAN ONLY BE WON IF THE ATTACK makes a MISTAKE...
  9. The Removal of the Stacking Bonus: Blessing or Curse?

    Agree with Brutus on that one.. The defence is always at a disadvantage.. they dont know who to put on the towers.. GG's or high Hp.. its not always that a person has both.. You miss out on something all the time. Defences have been made virtually impossible. The defence bonus is NOTHING...
  10. Do the devs know what the GG's are causing?

    Do they know? Do they know that more than half of this game HATES THEM? Do they know tons of people have left fort fighting because of golden guns? Do they know alot of us think the sector bonus is a JOKE Does all this get to them? or are we just blabbering around to ourselves when NOTHING...
  11. Potions n stuff

    Well the gingerbread n oats are what i need the most
  12. Potions n stuff

    Well i heavily depended on them.. In my case even one would be so awsome
  13. Potions n stuff

    What i was expecting soon enough were these to be enabled after what stuff we got from the advent calender.. I thought simply a week after christmass.. Potions will be added to this game Was the christmass stuff just a teaser? Or it was the first and last time the devs add this
  14. Character Class Change Premium

    I dont like this idea NOT AT ALL.. Already we can almost do everything by the nuggets THIS ADDS TO THE FRUSTRATION! :(
  15. CLOSED: Telegram to whole ally Fort notification system

    But feather i put up this idea quite some time back :) and before u put it up in the minor idea suggestions ;)
  16. CLOSED: Town Stealing Hats Prevention

    Coudnt agree more Feather.. If you trust people Only then do you make them the founder So i think it was your fault on that sagaris
  17. CLOSED: Town Stealing Hats Prevention

    Both ways.. i think your right.. But im not wrong even :)
  18. CLOSED: Town Stealing Hats Prevention

    Heyy Heyy.. if the Founder is Screwing up.. and he dsnt Give way.. Why shudnt the town SACK him???
  19. CLOSED: Town Stealing Hats Prevention

    Sycho!! dude they said you deserved it.. and you actually may have.. Ur idea is FAR too complicated... Propose it in a better way.. Or its never gna get through.. This is what happens when People such as you are made the Founders of a town with ALL ELITE players.. No offence. you can send me a...
  20. fort maneuvers wait time

    How can i not like an idea mr slick posts !!! :d