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  1. Recommended Server

    Can we rotate this around say every 30 days so the existing servers have have a fair shake at incoming members? its been on Fairbanks long enough:(
  2. Cross Server Markets

    Whats the possibility of making the Market include ALL servers. It would provide a greater pool of goods to buy from.
  3. Leaving an adventure

    People leaving an adventure before it even gets started or midstream because its not going their way is annoying. Any possibility of adding a "reason" to "Creating a wanted poster" called "Leaving a Adventure"? Its a simple and fun way to punish those with no
  4. Sesame Street Recruiting

    Part of Waters Settle Alliance, we are recruiting all classes and levels.
  5. Looking for Towns

    Is there anyway the devs can fix it to when someone joins a town they are automatically removed from "Looking for Towns" tab?
  6. Quest: Check the Ranch (A Western Nightmare)

    I have this quest but when I go to the farm I cant interact with anyone there. Whats going on?
  7. Boot Hill Recruiting

    Boot Hill just started 2 days ago is has all level 1 building up and running but needs your help to grow. If you like the idea of being in a TEAM oriented environment, then please apply. Currently accepting any active players.
  8. Town groups and benefits

    A couple of things I'd like to see... 1. I believe that if a group of towns decide to band together as a team (become allies), they should be able to enjoy the same benefits of being in their "home town" even when visiting one of their "allied towns" (or allow the towns leaders to set a...
  9. 000 Domination Chi recruiting

  10. Resolved Bank account when leaving town

    What happens to your "bank" money when you leave a town? Do you get it back?
  11. Adventurer stats

    Im new to the game and am being told that Adventurer is the easiest to start out with. That being said, I'd like to know what stats I should focus on as an adventurer? Any thoughts on what it takes to be GOOD at that class would be appreciated
  12. New player LF town

  13. Trouble getting started

    Im at the quest where it tells me to get to level 2. Im trying to do quests but not gaining experience. Can anyone offer advise? Thanks!