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  1. The three-day fiesta (Quest)

    That questline does not appear in any of the worlds I play on & I sincerely hope that they have removed this questline completely because it was always bugged & last year they didn't even bother to fix the bugs until after the event was over & since it's a timed quest that meant people weren't...
  2. Confirmed three day fiesta quest bug

    any progress regarding this matter? we want our missing skill points & flowers that could give us bonds and/or dead hawk's set.
  3. Confirmed avatar parts for sale

    they'd better fix it asap because the avatar parts are only for sale until midnight tomorrow & who wants to pay for something that doesn't work?
  4. Confirmed avatar parts for sale

    the avatar parts that are up for sale for bonds/nuggets in UP shop don't work. the purchased item does not appear in avatar generator. if you buy one it pops up in your inventory, but when you click on it you get a message saying 'unknown part'.
  5. Confirmed three day fiesta quest bug

    the Three day fiesta questline is bugged on faibrank and briscoe. the final quest doesn't appear for me on briscoe & on fairbank the last 2 quests do not appear at the mexican. i've chatted with other players who are also having problems completing this questline. i reported this to support a...
  6. New The circus fair has been taken hostage!(gone)

    A thread about the xp reward issue was started in the saloon december 29th. That is before the travelling fair was opened in the Worlds I play on.
  7. Missed Fort Battle

    I am well miffed right now!!!!:mad: Earlier today I signed up for a fort battle and the went to do some jobs. Later when I tried to go back to the fort I didn't get the option 'Go to Fort'. Instead it just said 'Up to Arms'. I canceled all assignments (sleep too) and then tried refreshing and...
  8. Resolved Clothing Changes While Working

    Thanks, Hoggs! That's all I wanted to know. :) As long as it doesn't change the amount of money and xp I earn from doing a job I don't mind the 'invalid work time' message popping up when I change my clothes in order to schedule a new job while working on something else. If it starts to annoy me...
  9. Resolved Clothing Changes While Working

    i just checked again too. Surely, the system would not let me change my clothes AND still let me do the job if i didn't have the LP's required for the job, so why the error message if there's been no change with the upgrade? I probably should add that the error message doesn't show if you change...
  10. Resolved Clothing Changes While Working

    I know that, but I get an error message ALL the time now. Not just when I try to change clothes that'll make me 1 lp below the required amount. Let's say that I have 100 lp towards a job, but I want to change my hat for a second job that I want to schedule after I've scheduled the first job...
  11. Resolved Selling the western star

    Click on the globe in the lower left corner of you map and a new smaller map pops up. Click on 'select job'. Then scroll down until you find the job 'Selling newspaper'. Select that job. Then click on the light blue dot nearest the yellow dot on the mini map and you'll see an icon for the job...
  12. Resolved Clothing Changes While Working

    Has this changed with the 1.27 update? I get an error message every time I change my clothes now if I'm doing a job at the same time.
  13. Got the shoes, but where's my xp?

    At 1.09 am today I succesfully KO'd El Capitano at the ghost town. I got a pair of Charlatan's Shoes, but didn't get the 1000 xp. I'm absolutley sure I didn't get it, because I remember thinking that I ought to wait until tomorrow with this quest as it would make me level up at rather a bad time...
  14. Kate's wedding band

    are you sure that you haven't been doing something else at the same time (sleeping or working)? if you have then that's why it doesn't work.
  15. Resolved Dueling points (in a town)

    your town has to win more duels than it loses. then you get 5 dueling points for each duel you win. so if your town has won 500 duels in total, but lost 501 you don't get any dueling points. if your town has won 500, but only lost 400 duels you'll get 5 times 100 = 500 points.
  16. Easter Quests

    read that the deadline for easter quests is on the 7th, but what about the april quest series. is there a deadline for that one too?
  17. Easter Quest 2010

    Just looked under 'game information' and it says there that 'the easter quest is now available in all locations'. Well, it isn't available to me. Is it still on the go or can other players access the quest at this point?
  18. world 11,s going down, going down, going fair lady

    yeah, but there's been occasions when they haven't posted notices even though they've known about it and when it's been down for a couple of hours and they still haven't bothered telling us.
  19. world 11,s going down, going down, going fair lady

    :mad: Has world 11 gone down again? If they're just updating or or relaunching or something I wish they would let us know in advance. How hard is it to post a notice saying that the world won't be available between 1.00 pm to 1.30 pm (server time)? Keeping us in the dark is just mean.
  20. Quest bug

    quest issues I have a similar problem. I'm unable to accept quests. Nothing happens when I click on accept quest.